Book-"True Hollywood Noir-Filmland Mysteries and Murders" by Dina Di Mambro

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"Filmland Mysteries and Murders" by Dina Di Mambro

The back cover of this book informs us:
Dina Di Mambro is a film historian and entertainment writer. Worked for A&E Biography and has interview many luminaries including Shirley MacLaine and Glenn Ford.

My goodness this author certainly knows her stuff. For Di Mambro has documented the inside details on famous Hollywood murders that I didn't even know were murders.

Take George Reeves, the original Superman. I remember him only vaguely but remember him I do, that handsome superhero who would boom, just fly right in through a living room window!

I didn't even know that Reeves died by a gunshot to the head. Suicide is the official verdict but the author, like she does so well, offers alternatives to suicide which are hard to deny.

Actually the author did this trick quite often. She took what had been perceived as a natural death and offered other theories to these deaths. The story of Hogan's Heroes Bob Crane was more about a scandal than a murder but Crane did die a violent death.

It was the story behind Natalie Wood that most informed me, indeed made me seek the book. That story is one of the most intriguing in the book.

Natalie might not have been murdered but manslaughter might be a charge.

True Crime readers should get this book. From first page to last it's riveting.

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