"Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2"-Don't Look Too Deep

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Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2-Don't Look Too Deep

We had seen, granddaughter and myself, the first Meatballs movie, of course. It too was a cute walk into fantasy and animation so I figured we'd go see the follow-up movie and it was great fun.

If totally unbelievable.

Seems some evil corporation wants to steal Flint Lockwood's out-of-control food making machine and the inhabitants of Swallow Falls had to return to save the world from the island full of mutant leftovers. Flint was also recruited by his hero, an evil scientist who wanted to capture Flint's errant machine and use it to enrich his own coffers.

The characters in this story, a big black police fellow modeled after Mr. T., a diaper-clad former town strong man, Flint's curmudgeon Dad and, of course, Flint's love interest, Sam Sparks, all get together to save the world and the fun begins.

This movie was not meant to be believed, I understand this. This movie was created following a child's movie pro forma but there's nothing wrong with this.

There's an innocent love interest, a personal conflict, a major story line and the interaction of the clever characters.


There's the animation and that's why one should see this movie. Because if you're looking for deep, well it ain't here. And let's not forget the food jokes that lend themselves so well. The famous "There's a LEEK in the boat" was used twice and one character was charged with cutting through a fence of staunch cheese strings. This was, of course, "cutting the cheese" and we had a couple jokes about this.

Frankly I enjoyed every minute of this movie and so did granddaughter. The food part of the story line lends itself quite well with the animation and really, we just want to munch popcorn and enjoy an hour or so of entertaining animation.

This movie does that very well.

Facebook page for this movie.

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