It's an all pictures edition.  We got the new Chair and Vice-Chair of the Sussex GOP.  We got a neat bumper sticker for Delawareans, we got some funny and some serious.


John Rieley Leaves Calabro and Silva With A Smile


Wish I could get Vince to give me an interview.  Sigh.


The Perfect Bumper Sticker

In case not readable, sticker says: "Welcome to Delaware.  Now go home."

It's the 44th Annual Agricultural Industry Dinner

Who need the agricultural industry even had such a thing?
Below, 5th councilmatic district councilman,  Rob Arlett enjoys some pie.


Below, Sam Wilson, Sussex county district 2 councilman, along with Todd Lawson, Sussex county administrator.  I assume the female is Lawson's wife or mistress.

Memories of the Beach

Came across this pic and was taken back to summer, heat and….tourists.
Never mind.

A Public Service


Came across this flyer in my travels.  I will gladly put up fliers of upcoming events if emailed to me timely.  Might be one or two people that see it.
The Lewes Bike Trail

So I've a friend who told me he too was involved in a property dispute.  This around the time when I was going through my own issues with the fine folks from New Jersey behind me.
I had no idea it was over the proposed Lewes bike path, DELDOT and….
The plaintiffs, Steven Napiecek and Robin Zoltek, wanted all work stopped on the project until the matter could be adjudicated.

 Not like I am revealing anything.  It was in the Cape Gazette.



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