Big Brother 2016 -, Season 18, episode 1 and 2-all kinds of twists change this show into Survivor

Four come back. All sorts of twists and turns and….? TEAMS! Should be an interesting season 18.

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So Big Brother is back and it's season 18 with the first two episodes in the bag.

There were all sorts of surprises and twists, let us begin with the returnees.

Frank came back from Big Brother 14. Mama Da returned from last season I think, also James, the Chinese fellow from Texas. Nicole returned as well but I'm not sure from which season.

Also got a few relatives from former Big Brother contenders.

[caption id="attachment_713" align="alignleft" width="300"]bb6.24..16paulie Paulie

bb6.24.16tiffanyboobs Vanessa

Paulie is the brother of Cody from season 16 and goodness we have Tiffany, sister of Vanessa. We know they are related as Tiffany cries all the time.

In twist number two, the house has been divided into teams and this will have I don't know what effect on team play.

Ordinarily the teams pick their own members as the house residents move about, recruiting alliances and such.
The Newbies

Four teams were formed: Category 4, Freakazoids, Big Sister and the Unicorns.

The first challenge was for the teams to mount a makeshift rocket and remain on it as the rocket rolled and rocked and the riders endured foam baths.

Victor won that contest while the oldest member of the house, Glenn, age 50, was sent home.

The second challenge involved retrieving coconuts and a revolving platform. The winners of this contest would be selecting the first Head of Household while the two losing teams would have a member of their team nominated for elimination by the Head of Househo9ld.

Nicole somehow talked her way into Head of Household with her winning team. It was cool, she acted like it was a burden to enjoy the luxury and safety of Head of Household.

bb6.24.16jozeaNicole nominated Paulie, her team mate as a pawn, and Jozea, a 25 year old know-it-all that looks like he'll be going home early.

The new evictions will be coming up on tonight's episode, Sunday 6/26/16 and we'll be watching.

The big thing to watch out for this season is what is called "the newbies"-which are the twelve cast members chosen from the viewing audience, and the old hands, the four returning from prior seasons.

These four have stirred up a lot of resentment amongst the newbies so it should be interesting to watch.

And I'm not sure about this "team" thing in Big Brother. That sort of thing belongs on Survivor, but we'll keep an open mind.

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