MasterChef 2016 -blurb, Season 7, episode 4-Scallops, lamb and a wedding.

The contenders prepare a wedding meal for a former MasterChef contender and leadership is ascertained. Or not.

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It was a bit boring, this MasterChef show aired on 6/22/16.

There were 18 contenders left and the challenge lasted for the entire show.

For a MasterChef contender from last season, Nick Nappi, is getting married. The challenge for this show, resulting in an elimination, was to prepare the wedding meal.

The contenders were split into two teams. The team captains were Nathan and Terry as they won the elimination challenge on the last episode.

The boredom came from trying to keep interested in the frying of scallops and the roasting of a rack of lamb.

What's intriguing about that?

Every year on a Gordon Ramsay cooking show we have contenders frying scallops and if you never learn anything about meal prep one should learn how to cook scallops and how hard is this?

Sooner or later, someone messes up the prep of the scallops and Ramsay finds raw ones that cause him to throw a tantrum, call all the contenders to the side to berate them, then will ostentatiously throw the raw scallop in the trash.

Or sometimes a contender will overcook a scallop and same thing, Ramsay loudly and angrily calls all the contenders and shouts how the scallop tastes like rubber then what? Right, he angrily tosses the rubbery scallop in the trash.

As for rack of lamb, seriously, do many people really eat this?

Now I understand it was a wedding but lamb is often served on Ramsay cooking shows, much more than I suspect is done in real life.

At any rate, there was a blue team and there was a red team.

Nathan, a young fellow of 20 years, was captain of one team and Terry was captain of the other. The requisite drama of this episode had Nathan struggling to lead his team for the disrespect caused by his youth.

The red team, headed by Terry, won the contest. The blue team, headed by young Nathan, lost. Nonetheless, the judges pronounced Nathan safe. D'Andre and Barbara came in the bottom two.

D'Andre too was a young fellow but he was saved with Barbara going home.

Number of MasterChef contenders now down to 17.


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