Food Network Star-Season 12, Episode 4-Tailgating and Unusual Kitchen Implements.

Tailgating and using sledge hammers to pound steak all in this week's Food Network Star. Also guesses on who might be the winner with seven left.

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So the Next Food Network Star competitive reality show goes on and I'm starting to get a feel the contenders.

Next Food Network Star is an interesting cooking show in that the contenders have to do as well at presentation and camera presence as they do cooking.

The first challenge this past week was something called a "food hack"-the concept of using a kitchen tool for something it was not intended. Thus Erin, for example, used a muffin tin to "wilt" thin pineapple slices so that upon sinking into the muffin well they resemble flowers. Picture below.

Tregaye used a frying pan to pound country fried steak and that's not very original. Monteray used some kind of french press to squeeze diverse flavors into one beautiful blended dressing.

I heard "Old Bay Seasoning" as an ingredient for Joy's dish and my ears perked. This is a Baltimore spice and few folks outside of that region use it. Joy use a blender to make some kind of crab dish. But of course it would involve crab meat using Old Bay Seasoning as that's why God made the spice. But in a blender?

Rob made a burger in a waffle iron. His presentation was viewed as a bit over-confident.

Jenard made a BBQ sauce in a martini shaker.

Monteray's snap chat presentation was very good but she made the mortal sin of all cooking contest contenders and her chicken was raw.

Damiano was decided to be the best in his use of a turkey baster to decorate his dish and he will be featured in Discovery Channel's network snap chat.

Then comes the culinary guest of honor and so we have Bob Irvine. You can take what I know about Bob Irvine and shove it up the behind of a flea.

Anyway, the elimination challenge was to create a smashing tailgate party using a protein selected from a board with the winner of some kind of x-box race getting first choice, on down to next place, and next place…..and so on.

The contender who comes in last ended up with tofu as the protein and of course nobody wanted the tofu…what kind of tailgate party can you have with that stuff?

Damiano made some kind of skirt steak. He says he never attended a tailgate party and of course not, he's from Italy! Do they have tailgate parties in Italy?

Erin prepared bratwurst soaked in beer with apples and onions. The judges liked the little "bratwurst sliders" Erin produced.

Monteray made porkchops although the totality of her dish was confusing. Monteray had already served raw chicken so with this dish it was her time to go home.

Tregaye, Jenard and Joy were considered the top two by the judges . Tregaye made a ground meat concoction that featured, oddly, a hot dog roll for the bun.

Joy has prawns as the protein and she made a prawn po boy with a jalapeno slaw.

Jenard had chicken wing for a protein and how can anybody go wrong with that?

Damiano and Erin were passed through to next week.

Rob, Ana and Monteray were considered the bottom three.

Monteray had the burden of the raw chicken upon her.

Rob made turkey dogs wrapped in bacon with a root beer BBQ sauce.

I thought for sure Ana was going to be sent home due to her lack of enthusiasm and surliness. But she squeaked by even with her awful tofu protein with her fried rice tofu.

So now let us consider who might win this contest now that the group has been culled down to seven:

I think Erin's got the best chance to win this. First, she's cute and looks like a Food Network Star to me. She is a baker and that sort of food is big on this network.

I'm pretty sure Ana nor Damiano will win this. Damiano has too much of an accent to star in a show for the entire time and Ana is just not likeable.

Joy or Tregaye could win this . Of the guys I'd give the nod for possible winner to Jenard, who has eleven kids, so he says, and that right there will attract people.

Anyway, we shall see. Come back next week and we'll see how our predictions work.

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