The Bachelorette Season 12, Episode 4-A closer look at the eight left.

Chads, there's chads everywhere, there's even some hanging Chads. Bachelorette Jojo down to eight, let's take a closer look.

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So Chad the contender for Jojo's heart on this season's The Bachelorette turned out to be a nasty guy but still we do not have enough Chads!

This episode begins by the team going to Uruguay. Who in their right mind goes to Uruguay?

As a competitive reality show aficionado, I notice that these shows do travel to the most unusual of places. I'm thinking those backwoods places give a steep discount for being advertised on popular American TV shows.

Jordan got picked for a one-on-one date Jordan is a former pro quarterback and Jojo does seem to like the manly men, yes she does.

In fact, I note that the vast majority of the bachelors contending for Jojo's heart all have beards.

The guys are not too happy with Jordan, noting that Jojo really seems to like him and that several of the group dates involved football, giving Jordan an edge. In an interesting twist, Jojo revealed that she met Jordan's girlfriend (how does that happen?) and the girlfriend said Jordan was not such a good boyfriend.

Well of course Jordan says he's grown up a lot since then and what the hell else is he coing to say?

Jojo went on a group date involving, of all things, surfing on sand and a bunch of seals, the animals.

bach5.22.16derekDerek got a rose on the group date. Derek is a commercial banker and could be a finalist for Jojo's heart.

After the group date we had a bunch of drama as it would seem that Jojo once had a boyfriend named Chad. No, not the Chad of Bachelorette fame who was threatening to beat up everyone.

And what was kind of not clear was how Jojo got to be back in touch with this former lover Chad. She kept saying that she only took his call because "he was hurting".

I thought…so? She's supposed to be looking for a husband out of this group and she's taking calls from former boyfriends.

So Jojo had an impromptu meeting with the guys, she sobbed and said she was sorry, that she only meant well. Notice Jojo is showing her boobs mightily in the photo below.

After that drama we had the rose ceremony when Grant the fireman….who I thought she seemed to really like, Vinny the barber and, of course, Evan….the "erectile dysfunctional specialist" with the jokes writing themselves.


So left we have Alex the marine, Chase the medical sales rep, Derek the commercial banker, James Taylor, the singer-songwriter, Jordan the former quarterback, Luke, the war veteran, Robby, the former competitive swimmer and Wells the skinny disc jockey….left.

A lot of manly men in that group.

Right now I'm giving Jordan the edge but there's still hometown dates to come.\bach5.22.16jordan


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