Food Network Star-Season 12, Episode 4-The contenders deal with surprises, changes and raw lobster. -

Lobster should not be served raw, and what the hell is pork floss?


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It was a somewhat interesting episode of the Next Food Network Star this past June 12,2016.

But a bit boring as well.

For the first mini-challenge we had the stars of Entertainment Tonight, Nancy Odell and Kevin Frazier showed up to coach the contenders through a live TV promo for what was called "trending foods".

The nine final contenders were divided into three teams, as they were later for the bigger challenge, more on this later.

Anna, Erin and Rob formed one team, Jenard, Yaku and Monteray formed a second team. Damiano, Tregaye and Joy formed a third team.

The teams were assigned various topics and charged with creating dishes using…well, trending foods.

Anna had something called pork floss, which the viewer never did figure out what it is in that Anna flubbed during her live presentation. Rob made some kind of dish with a spice called Baharat, which also I never heard of. Erin made a baked dish using miso, which I did learn was fermented soy beans. Something I would not want in a cake of mine.

The best team was determined to be Jenard, Yaku and Monteray. As such they became team captains for the elimination challenge and chose their own team mates.

Thus we had Yaku with Tregaye and Damiano, Monteray with Anna and Erin, and finally Jenard with Joy and Rob.

For the elimination challenge the teams were assigned to create a three course meal for room service at a ritzy hotel for picky customers.

food6.13.16guestOne of the customers was Jessie Tyler Ferguson, who we are to understand is a star of the TV series Modern Family.

The teams compiled their meals based on a theme provided to them. Yaku's team was charged with creating a "Honeymooner's Holiday". Monteray's team was charged with creating a "Spa Escape" while Jenard's team was going to do an "Afternoon Tea".

The proposed menus had been delivered to the hotel room service recipients and here's where a deliberate glitch was put into the challenge.

For the room service recipient phoned up the teams and using the bill of fare provided, proceeded to change everything.

In one case a contender had a nice filet mignon ready to go based on the menu. The room service recipient, in two cases Ferguson himself and an Internet star on another, and changed the menu.

The idea, one must suppose, was to force the cooks to improvise at the last minute, as life tends to do from time to time.

Yaku's raw lobster Yaku's raw lobster

It was Yaku who got the call to eliminate the meat at the last minute and we must suppose that this is why Yaku served his lobster completely raw.

Monteray's team was charged with eliminating any kind of chocolate, a big ingredient in her planned dish.

Jenard's team had to eliminate pumpernickel and change the flavor or Joy's planned pound cake.

The judges, now Bobby Flay, Giada and Jesse Ferguson himself, would not award an entire team as winner

The judges did pronounce the bottom three to be Yaku, Jenard and Rob.

Yaku and his raw lobster was sent home, leaving eight contenders left for the chance at being the next Food Network Star.

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