The Bachelorette Season 12, Episode. Two sent home and some juicy gossip.

The bigger story this week of the Bachelorette is all the juicy gossip in the National Enquirer. We got it all here AND some show notes.

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There are six bachelors left, all vying for Jojo's heart and none, that I see, winning it.

It was an odd ending on the episode aired on 6/27/16, more on this later. But the fact that there are six left, instead of what, at this time in the season, would be five, means there will be another show before the hometown dates.

There was a one-on-one date on this episode. It was sweet Wells who got his first one-on-one date as well as his first kiss with Jojo. Alas it was all for naught as Jojo sent Wells home before he went back to the Bachelor pad.

There was a group date with just six guys as the group is getting culled down. Luke got the rose on the group date and this is the second time Luke got a rose before the ceremony. He should be looked at closely.

There was a two-on-one date, that odd thing where the Bachelor(ette) goes on a date with two contenders. One is sent home during the actual date.

And so it was Chase and Derek on the two-on-one date and Derek was full of himself.

Derek got sent home.

And now for the National Enquirer scoops. A few of them were revealed on the show, such as the revelation that Jordan's old girlfriend talked to Jojo and she learned that Jordon had a problem being faithful.

Jordon, of course, swore to Jojo that he was all grown up now. However, the National Enquirer also revealed that Jordon lied about his football experience, saying he had been on three professional teams. In fact, Jordon tried out for three teams but was not accepted. Sounds like Jordon lies a lot.

The infamous Chad, sent home a few weeks ago, owns a bunch of x-rated domain names, including one named after Jojo.

A really interesting story is about Alex, the "marine". Seems he and a male friend was found stalking a sorority house. Alex was also caught with a hammer which he said was intended to pry the sorority's letters off the brick wall.

Now these sorts of jokes are played all the time and it could well be true. Alex was picked up for a misdemeanor. I got to wonder, if Alex wasn't intending to get those sorority letters off the wall, what was he going to do with that hammer?

Finally we have Evan, the "erectile dysfunctional specialist", a job I never thought existed, and it turns out Evan has three kids and recently filed for bankruptcy.

Evan has long since been sent home but right from the start he was very much in front of the camera and, of course, his alleged "occupation" brought smirks.

Derek and Chase did a tango with Jojo and that was kind of cool.

As for the rose ceremony, two guys had roses by the time of the event: Chase, Luke, and Wells and Derek had been sent home.

The episode began with eight contenders left, and two left during the show, six were left.

When it came down to the last two, which included James T. and Alex, Jojo stopped at the final rose and sobbed to Chris Harrison that she couldn't give out that final rose.bach6.28.16jamest

The viewer was led to believe that Jojo did NOT want to give out just one final rose, that she perhaps wanted BOTH of the two men left to be sent home.

Only Chris Harrison returned with TWO roses, one for each of the two men left and so there were six left: Robby, Luke, Alex, James T., Jordon, Chase.

Right now I see Luke as one of the final ones.


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