Food Network Star-Season 12, Episode 6/26/16-making food art and weird food combinations.

We have a meatloaf cupcake and eggs in the bikini. The contenders make food into plate art and whip up some weird combinations.

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Well yes the remaining contenders did have to make food into cute art creations on the plate and we got pics of them all it was such a clever challenge.

food6.27.16duffThe leader of this challenge was Duff Goldman, who is evidently some sort of cake master on Food Network. Contender Erin was, at first, delighted, in that Erin considers Duff her hero.

Only the food art had to be a savory dish so cutely decorated cakes wouldn't fill the bill.

In addition, the contenders had to do a cute little presentation as this cooking show requires cook that can not only cook well, but who can present their creations sweetly on camera.

Below a pic of all the presentations of food art.







Moving on to the elimination challenge, the contenders were featured on a Youtube show that had the wannabe food network stars combining oddball dishes such as, for example Tregaye's combination of octopus and macaroni and cheese.

At this point in the contest, as the contenders are eliminated they are eligible to return as "Salvation Stars". Currently Yaku and Monteray are in the Salvation kitchen, to be joined by Rob, who was the loser of this week's challenges.

Joy was also in the bottom two contenders in that her presentation was wooden and robotic.

food6.27.16tregayetoptwoWinning the challenges this week is Tregaye, who has a good chance of taking this thing, with Jernard and his 12 kids a close second place.

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