Big Brother 2016 -blurb, Season 18, A Very Odd Eviction on the Episode Aired 7/7/16.

In Big Brother 2016 we had an interesting eviction. The one evicted was "back-doored" but the one saved was worse than the one evicted??

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I often wonder how people on shows like Survivor and Big Brother decide who they want to eject.

Then I imagine being suddenly put into a house with over a dozen complete strangers and I wonder what that must be like.

I'm sure that Big Brother and other competitive reality show contenders are a breed unto themselves. In fact it's not all that rare to have a Big Brother contender show up on Survivor or Amazing Race.

I live by myself and I imagine sharing a house with a bunch of strangers has to be an adjustment. .

So when I, as a viewer, watch the endless little discussions the contenders have about who to send away I wonder what the criteria is.

bb6.24.16tattooedguyIn this Big Brother House, for example, I see a couple of contenders that look like they'll be a bear to beat. Bearded Paul is one such contender.

Then there's the relatives of prior contenders. Tiffany is Vanessa's sister, a contender from last year. There are several returning and other relatives. Surely these people have an advantage.

Yet the first two people booted out are Jozea and Victor.

Now both of these guys are kind of not the brightest bulbs in the lamp. But they're new to the game and could easily be evicted at any time.

There's bearded Paul and goodness knows Corey is winning everything.

IF one had the power to nominate someone for eviction, why not go after these strong ones first?

Victor, in this episode, won the road kill competition. He had the ability to nominate someone and he chose gentle Bronte.

And Paulie won power of veto and he pulled bearded Paul off the block with that veto power and to me that was odd. I should think that bearded Paul would be Paulie's biggest competition in this series of episodes.

Paulie did then put Victor up for eviction and that is what is called a "back door" eviction. But Paulie

could bb7.10.16victorhave left bearded Paul on the block and used his veto power on, say, Bronte. That way it's possible the house would have voted bearded Paul out.

But I must suppose that Paulie thought Victor a bigger problem than bearded Paul but I got to wonder.

It ended with cute Bridgette winning Head of Household.

Come back next week and we shall discuss who got evicted and who is most likely to win.


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