America's Got Talent 2016-Season 11-Great singers, baton twirlers and Jewish Rap stars.

The had on a yarmulke as if at the wailing wall. But two Jewish rap artists wow us. Great singers in this episode of America's Got Talent-with videos!

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Singers don't come on this show all that often as we have "talent" that involves eating dog food, twirling batons, dancing to mighty visual effects and a few comedians, some of them only ten years old.

But on this show, aired on 7/5/16, of America's Got Talent, we had two great singers but let us review some other intriguing acts featured on this episode.

We had a male baton twirler and he was good but I cannot imagine sitting through any act that has nothing but one baton twirler. The judges let him go through, however.

Elon and Josh were what I call Jewish rap singers though the judges called it be-bop. They made a lot of noises incongruent with their sedate outfits including yarmulkes and hanging strings. The judges passed the duo through.

Then we had a male singer, Daniel Joyner, who was pretty good. He's only 17 so kudos to him. I think his talent is somewhat limited but his youth makes him amazing.


Then we had an amazing dance team with great visual effects, as is often the case nowadays. This team was passed through by the judges.


Now we have Moya Angela, an amazing singer, 32 years old, a teacher, and a terrific singer. She sang a Celine Dion song which made me love her all the more.


Two jugglers made an appearance and scared the hell out of Howie Mandel.

agt7.6.16juggling act

And so America's Got Talent continues to entertain us during the hot summers, God bless.

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