Big Brother 2016 -blurb, Season 18, episode 2 and 3-First veto ceremony of season

Big Brother Season 18 Heats Up as the old returns, the new evict, the related surprise.

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This past week Big Brother went on a roll with three episodes airing, with Nicole, a returnee from a prior season, garnering Head of Household status. She nominated Paulie as a pawn but that almost turned out disastrous for him.

On the episode airing 6/26/17 they introduced something called "road kill". At least it was new to me as I'd never seen it before.

The challenge was, via some kind of device outfitted with three red buttons that when pressed increase the speed of the vehicle the contenders are competing in. The contenders had to take off their clothes down to their swim suits, which, fortunately, the contenders had underneath their outfits. The losing team had to remove their swim suits and remain naked in the house for the next week. Fortunately they had little items to cover the nudity but I'm thinking this scam had more people tuning into the Big Brother live feed.

The winner of the road kill epidemic was not revealed to the house guests, said winner having gotten

the most speed in the disrobing while driving challenge. Frank, a returning contender, won the road kill challenge and as such he was allowed to nominate another candidate for eviction. Frank nominated the bearded Paul for eviction.

Thus there was Paulie, Nicole's alleged pawn, Paul the bearded one, and Jozea, all up for eviction.

bb7.1.16davonneasdogBut then we had the power of veto contest, but of course.

Paul, the bearded one, won the power of veto and as is logical, he gave power of veto to himself.

This action had Frank, the winner of the road kill contest, now having to nominate another house guest for eviction and he nominated, for whatever stupid reason, the very cute and hardly any challenge, Bridgette.

It would appear, at least from this viewer's perspective, that Bridgette was only nominated as there was little chance that she would get evicted.

And, indeed, Jozea was evicted but there is another Big Brother twist this season that might bring him back, more on this later.

The votes for the evictions were interesting. Paulie was originally put up as a pawn but he DID get four votes. Jozea got seven votes, including one from his team mate Zakyiah and another from Frank, who nominated Bridgette.

The house really did not like Jozea and this guy, whether by intentional scripting or via his own arrogant personality, sure was a big of a snit. He "called" a big meeting like he was somebody important but his lecture to those who attended made no sense.

After Jozea's eviction we learn that in a new twist this season we learn that evicted house guests, up to five, will compete against each other to remain alive with chance of return. Then the winner of the current contest will compete against the NEXT evicted house guest, up until five, and can return to the Big Brother house.

So the Head of Household competition involved logs, balance and grabbing berries.

We shall wait until Sunday to find out who will be Head of Household when yon reader shall come back to get all the Big Brother scoop.


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