MasterChef 2016 Season 7, Pies and a spicy mystery box

The Master Chef contenders bake pies to include one with bacon! AND WHERE DID GORDON RAMSAY SAY HE WAS KICKED???

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So we had famous guest chefs on the MasterChef episode aired on 6/29/16, although I never heard of either one of them.

mc7.1.16guest1One was Aaron Sanchez, supposedly one of the greatest Latin chefs around.

The other was Claudia, who I might know in that she is the reigning Master Chef. She's hawking a
cook book so why mc7.1.16guest2miss an opportunity to advertise. I am sure the MasterChef series gets a share of the profit.

Claudia handpicked the ingredients in the mystery box and they had a latino flavor. Alejandro is from Venzuela and he scored in the top.

Andrea got picked for the top three and she'd already won a mystery box competition; she's a contender to watch.

mc7.1.16win1Surprisingly, Tonorria won the mystery box competition, giving her three major advantages. Surprisingly because Tonorria is a southern, comfort food sort of cook.

Tonorria did not have to compete in the elimination contest, she was able to name three contenders to be saved after they made their elimination dish, and she was able to pick just what should be baked out of a choice of pie, puffs and pudding.

The results of the pie-baking elimination challenge was quite mixed.

Terry made the best pie, a pie that looked exactly like a home-made pie with a real sugar-coated pastry crust. Terry won the pie baking competition.

The three worst pies, as determined by the judges, were baked by Brittany, Eric and Brandi.

Oddly Brandi is a southern cook and she bragged about her pic making ability. Only Brandi made some oddball apple, cheese, bacon and pecan thing, with raw dough and hard apples.

Brandi ended up in the bottom three but the judges felt she still had hope.

Brittany was sent home for having a tasteless pie.

Now let us discuss this Gordon Ramsay comment to Eric I believe it was. Ramsay was lamenting the flaws in the pie he was tasting and he praised it until he ended with a complaint that "kicked me in the nuts".


It was NOT bleeped out.

Just wow.
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