Now they're Breaking up in Bachelor in Paradise 2016. Episodes aired week of 8/24/16 covered in this post.

Bachelor in Paradise After Paradise reveals inside info with guest Izzy and Vinny, former bachelor Sean Lowe and some inside snorts.

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Well it took a while for me to convince Comcast that if I wanted to watch Bachelor in Paradise than I should be in the queue to watch Bachelor in Paradise AFTER Paradise. When I put "The Bachelor" on record for all new shows it automatically picks up "After the Rose".

Anyway finally got to watch the AFTER PARADISE episode with former Bachelor Sean Lowe, some Bachelor Nation fanatics and some interesting guests.

On the episode aired 8/23/16 we had , TADA and surprise, Ashley crying! Seems she is in love with Jared and Jared is falling in love with Caila.

In an odd pairing, we had Evan the erectile dysfunction specialist match up once again with Carly.

In that Rose ceremony, we had Grant choose Lace, Vinny choose Izzy, Carly and Evan, Jared picked Caila. Daniel was the only then unattached male and he picked Hayley of the twins, hence both the twins.

Sarah with the missing arm and Ashley who cries were sent home.

In a move that made no sense to me, Ashley came back and asked to return. Several of the other contenders agreed to allow her to return on her promise that she's over Jared. Is it some kind of rule on this show that if one who is ejected gets a majority to agree to a come back, they can come back?

Actually I know it's because while Ashley can be maddening, she is evidently some kind of fan favorite cause this is how this show works.

After the rose ceremony we had some newcomers, including a "Carl" from Andi's season and Brett from Andi's season.

Carl asked twin Emily on a date. Brett asked Jared's beloved Caila on a date and Ashley stopped crying for a few seconds.

I watched AFTER paradise and really enjoyed former bachelor Sean Lowe's take on things. Featured on this episode of AFTER was Vinny, with a broken heart in that he really loved Izzy.

Izzy too made an appearance on this show and it seems that she felt attracted to newcomer Brett and didn't want Vinny expecting her total loyalty.

It was a bit sad because Vinny really was hurt but he gave Izzy, who seems remorseful and regretful, the dustoff at a suggestion that they get back together.

On the show aired 8/23/16 we had the return of Jade and Tanner, a couple that hooked up in a prior episode of Bachelor in Paradise, and are engaged.

They had a date card to give to a couple of their choice and they chose Carla and Evan the erectile dysfunction specialist.

Evan and Carly went to some teepee heat steam thing and they seem to be an item.

It ended with Lace about to break up with Grant, Caila going out with Brett but wanting Jared back and, as always,

Ashley was crying again!


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