Big Brother 2016 , Season 18, down to 7. Some guesses and gossip.

With seven left the show winds down. We got some gossip and guesses and jabs for Big Brother 2016.

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Goodness with the Rio olympics there was not much more going on in terms of competitive reality shows.

Big Brother was on, however, with CBS giving NBC the finger featuring Big Brother three to four times a week. Now that things are down to normal we'll be catching upon last week's shows and be moving on.

Early on Victor won Head of Household, something he wins quite a bit, including power of veto.

Victor nominated Paulie and Corey for eviction. Nicole won the audience CARE package and won something called a supersafety suit. This keeps her safe from everything but she must wear the silly things all the time.

To add to Victor's game-winning talent, he then won power of veto and chose to keep Paulie and Corey on the block.

There were some interesting punishments handed out. Bearded Paul has to do serious pat downs of fellow contenders when he hears the siren and the warning of a "red alert". He was good at it and might quite a handsome secret service agent.

Poor Paulie, who had a real bromance sob fest with Corey, had to bake a pie when told to do so.

The zingbot paid the house a visit. James won $5K and some clever insults were tossed around.

With seven players left, including: Bearded Paul, Nicole, Michelle, Corey, Natalie, Victor, and James, the stakes get higher.

The most recent show featured a Head of Household contest involving icky slime, searching for disks in the mess. Eventually Natalie won the HOH. But SURPRISE!

The viewing audience, that's us folks, nominated Michelle for a special CARE package.

Along with the goodies, Michelle got to share HOH with Natalie and she too got an eviction nomination along with only one allocated to Natalie.

Natalie nominated Victor while Michelle nominated bearded Paul. Michelle said that if she won power of veto she would save Victor but no bearded Paul.

These were two of the best nominees for eviction in that both Bearded Paul and Victor are playing astonishing games. Victor has won many HOH and power of vetos although he had been evicted, to be saved, early on in the season.

I suspect Victor's going to get the heave-ho the next eviction.

Bearded Paul remains, in my estimation, the best player this year. As to whether he can carry off a victor, well that depends a lot on luck.

I don't see any of the females winning except possibly Nicole. Natalie and Michelle are not the winners as I surmise.

Join us this time next week and we'll be narrowing in on a winner on Big Brother 2016.


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