The Bachelorette Season 12, Episode….JoJo Picks a Husband but There's Problems

So JoJo the Bachelorette picked a husband but lots of tears and rumblings of problems abound.  Pics of mysterious brother Aaron and beginnings of Bachelor in Paradise.

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It was quite the Season this Season 12 of The Bachelorette with Bachelorette JoJo and goodness I'd never have thought she'd pick who she picked.

For she chose Jordan, a "former quarterback" and a guy whose famous brother will not speak to him.

Jordan's brother is a football player Aaron Rodgers and for whatever reason, the two do not speak. There's questions of honesty on the part of Jordan as well. Seems Jordan never really played football so how can be a former quarterback?

Joelle Fletcher is now engaged to Jordan Rodgers but judging by the "After the Final Rose" show, there's trouble in paradise.


But first, Robby was Jojo's second choice for a husband and for the entire family show the script played as if bach8.2.16robbyRobby was going to get Jojo's nod.

In fact, Jordan did NOT ask Jojo's father for her hand in marriage and when Jojo asked why not in the final date, Jordan said he didn't feel it appropriate when she hadn't yet decided between him or Robby.

Which I thought made sense but Jojo cried about it cause she cries about everything and before the final rose ceremony Jordan called Jojo's parents and requested their permission to marry their daughter.

I was quite surprised when Jojo rejected Robby as by me I'd never have picked Jordan.

First of all, that bit about the brother, picture below with his lady, is downright scary. Why on earth would Aaron Rodgers reject his entire family? Did they secretly murder someone?

It's odd.

Robby showed up at the After the Rose show, of course, and he did like they all do, he asked Jojo why he wasn't good enough. This is always awkward, of course, because the truth is…YOU JUST WEREN'T THE ONE!

Be it male or female rejected, it doesn't matter why, although it makes good scripted reality conversation.

Ben and Lauren, Ben being the guy who rejected Jojo, also showed up. They are still together and surprise of surprise, they are going to be starring in an upcoming reality show.

It's called "Ben and Lauren Happily Ever After". And will air on the Freedom network.

As for Jordan and Jojo, they both commented on their problems and it doesn't look good. My experience is when they express discontent at the first After the Final Rose ceremony, the future is not bright.

Finally, tonight, Tuesday 8/2/16, we have the third season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Judging by the previews it's going to be quite steamy. This show is populated by all the more colorful characters on the Bachelor series. By my research, the following 16 will be on the show:

Jared Haibon
Emily Ferguson
Haley Ferguson
Leah Block
Lace Morris
Amanda Stanton
Jubilee Sharpe
Sarah Herron
Carly Waddell
Isabel "Izzy" Goodkind
Chad Johnson
Daniel Maguire
Evan Bass
Grant Kemp
Nick Viall
Vinny Ventiera

Be sure to come back and get all the scoop on this series as we will be following.


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