Food Network Star-Season 12 HAS A WINNER!

From a bevy of good cooks and wannabe stars, we have a new Food Network Star. Hint, I predicted wrong.

Official Food Network Site HERE.

Damiano was an expert at Italian pastry and had a cute accent which I think was eventually his undoing. Damiano was the first sent home.

Jenard was personable, with anywhere from 9 to a dozen kids, I lost count. His cooking was quite heavy with a Cajun flair. I'm just not sure it was what Food Network needed at this time.

Tregaye, on the other hand, fills a niche as the first sole black woman to host a Food Network Show. If she's not the first, she's one of the few.

She's got a good on-air personality though I find her a bit sharp at times. But that could be considered part of her charm.

Anyway, congrats to Tregaye…..the Food Network Star 2016!

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