Book Review-“When David Died” by John Locke

The author says this story is a REAL true crime . If so goodness it's x-rated , transgender, death by erotic noose and with a hidden truth that will drop the reader with the shock.

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At first I thought it was just me. Because as I read this book I became increasingly….what? Annoyed? Shocked?

Below a quote from another reader.
I found 'When David Died: A True Story' to be unnecessarily graphic, sleazy, and downright uncomfortable to read at times. The language used to illustrate a few of the more racy scenes is often cheap, tasteless, and devoid of any degree of civility.
So I know it's not just me.

The author alleges that this story is a true story but he had to change the names to….I dunno, protect the innocent?

Or did he just want to write an x-rated story under the camouflage of being a real true crime story?

Nicki Hill comes into the Thorn family life, a crazy crew consisting of Michael, Nicki's first Thorn love, Alison, Michael's mother, David-Michael's father, and Jessie, Michael's adopted sister.

It was David Thorn, a rich dude, who somehow ended up dead and somehow Nicki Hill gets millions of dollars from his death.

A death, let us not waste breath here, that was despicable, the man dead at the end of a rope, his hands doing the bad deed….he died from asphyxiation by attempting to cut off his air by hanging.

It's something weirdos do.

The reader moves on to discover the nuts in the Thorn family. Nicki has an affair with Jessie and reveals that Alison was also having an affair. Of course David was so smitten with Nicki that he allowed her to drop the noose around his head, indeed showed him how to do it.

It was Nicki's REAL relationship with the Thorns that is the shocker of this book.

With this I end my review. Truth is I only finished the book for two reasons. One, I was shocked at the dirty revelations. And two, I desperately wanted to figure what true crime this book was about. Because the author told us over and over that the book is based on a real and well-known true crime.

No luck with that.

But real detectives are named and real investigation is described.

All I can say is IF this story is a real true crime, man there are no lengths people will go to be sinners.

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