It's a done deal on Bachelor in Paradise 2016. THREE couples got engaged, with one bust. And the biggest loser of them all will be the next Bachelor.

It's a done deal on Bachelor in Paradise 2016. THREE couples got engaged, with one bust. And the biggest loser of them all will be the next Bachelor. Let's do some gossip and sum it all up.

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I did quite enjoy this season of Bachelor in Paradise although I got confused by the many comings and goings.

I did know many of the contenders and I rather enjoyed the ups and downs of the season.

Let's go through the love cycles.

Jared got his heart broken by Kaitlyn Bristowe but goodness it seemed like everyone in BIP loved him.

bach8.17.16ashleySpecifically Ashley the virgin and Caila, a pretty latecomer who ended up leaving shortly before Jared due to Ashley's weirdness. Jared too left the show without waiting for a rose.

Emily and Hayley are identical twins and it's kind of a hoot of sorts I must imagine. They pulled a trick by pretending to be each other, which I suppose is part of the drama. Neither twin snagged a guy but they didn't really seem all that interested in romance.

Lace was an eligible bachelorette during Ben's season but as I recall she got drunk the first night. She is a beautiful woman and she got engaged to Grant, a very handsome man who failed to garner interest with Jojo.

Amanda got engaged to Josh. I don't know much about Josh. I do know Amanda introduced her kids to Bachelor Ben and he immediately sent her home.

Josh is a lover of children and is excited about meeting Amanda's daughters. I thought he sounded a little too excited but don't tell nobody I said that.

bip8.10.16evanCarly got engaged to Evan the erectile dysfunction specialist and this is an odd coupling. Carly was in love with a Kirk from Paradise season 2 but he broke her heart. We must hope that Carly hasn't lost her good sense because Evan is a bit of an oddball.

The story of Izzy and Vinny is a good one, although I suspect this was all a scripted story.

Yes I suppose that Izzy developed an interest in latecomer Brett (who also left the show all alone), after allegedly being an item with Vinny.

Vinny got rejected by Jojo while Izzy was sent home on the first night in Ben's season.

Izzy decides she doesn't want Vinny exclusively but Vinny threw in the towel and went home. After Brett rejected bach8.247.16izzyIzzy we had lots of tears with Vinny rejecting Izzy despite her pleas for another chance.

It's the story of Nick that is so intriguing. For whatever reason, Nick was a contending bachelor in the Bachelorette seasons of Andi and Kaitlyn. What's even odder, early in this Bachelor in Paradise season during a Bachelor in Paradise After the Rose it was announced that Nick would be the next Bachelor.

Despite that oddly timed announcement, Nick fell in love, or LIKE, with a latecomer contender, Jenna. Lots of crying but Jenna got sent home.

So it's now THREE times for this Nick fellow and they're giving him another chance as the Bachelor? We'll be watching this.


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