Big Brother 2016 -, Season 18, catching up through 9/5/16

Bearded Paul impresses but the winner should be the one who returned after THREE evictions in Big Brother, Season 18

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It's now down to six, soon to be five, and it's a bit confusing.

As of this writing, the remaining six includes Nicole, Bearded Paul, James, Natalie, Viktor, and Corey.

There have been Three returns by Viktor from the jury house, house contenders have received gifts from the viewing audience which helped their game.

One of the more amazing displays of game play was done by Bearded Paul.

In the episode where Bearded Paul got nominated for eviction by Natalie (who was co-HOH with Michelle via audience gift) and how he had everyone twisted upside down and inside out.

"Are you calling me a liar?" he shouted to housemates who Bearded Paul said had no right to put him up for eviction.

Of course an HOH can put anybody up for eviction but I must say that bearded Paul put on one hell of a performance.

Bearded Paul soon got removed from eviction possibility by winning the Power of veto.

Bearded Paul used power of veto on himself so co-HOH, Michelle, put up Corey. Viktor-replacement eviction possibility, and Corey, below.

Meanwhile over in the jury house we had four jury members fighting like cats and dogs and eventually always-crying Michelle will be in the jury.

Viktor won HOH in some kind of egg contest and along with a $5K bribe given to Corey by the audience, Viktor took Corey down and put Michelle up for eviction.

As of this writing James and Natalie are on the block. Viktor, Bearded Paul, Nicole and Corey will be voting -not Viktor who is Head of Household.

They group is going after James so is the scuttlebutt.

It's coming down to the end and for now I'd love to see Bearded Paul win.

However, damn, Viktor has gotten back into the game THREE times.

That is impressive.

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