Project Runway Season 15 Through Three Episodes and One Contender Already Shining

Make no mistake she's going to win Project Runway Season 15, at least judging by her strong showing so far. We've got pics of all fashions, including the ones I most liked and disliked.

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Contender Overview

So the challenge was most unique on this past week's episode of Project Runway Season 15. I don't recall ever seeing such a project.

In conjunction with this show's commercial connections, they worked with an eyeglass company famous for lenses that go from no shading to complete shade, depending on light shining in.

The challenge was for the designers to create an outfit that changed look from day to night.

For this the designers had to use ultra-violet colors and design fashion features that would only show up under certain light.

We begin with the fashion design I liked the best, below.

It's a dress and jacket ensemble designed by Nathalia Jmag. This design did make it through as determined by judge's scores but by me it should have been in the top three.

Below the design that I liked the least, a weird swim suit thing by Laurence Basse. This design too made it through but by me it should have been in bottom three.

For each picture I tried to obtain the "day" and "night" view of the outfit but some are a bit fuzzy. Be patient with me.

Now on to the bottom three.

First we have some kind of shoe string design by Rik Villa. The judges did not like this design, nor do I. But Villa was passed through to the next round.

The next design in the bottom three is by Mah-Jing Wong and it too belonged at the bottom. It involved throwing paint at what appeared to be a bedsheet. Said paint did show up under the special light but it looked even worse. But Wong too moved on to the next level.

The outfit sent home , below, was designed by Kimber Richardson. What was really ugly about this outfit was the bottom. The top, as yon reader notes, is a plethora of flowers and no, they didn't show up very well under the ultra light. But that skirt looked liked someone ripped it off and cut the hem with pinking shears.

Now the top three.

They called it an emoji dress, designed by Cornelius Ortiz. And it was, indeed, quite spectacular, showing up at plain but sophisticated white without the special light, but revealing cute emoji designs when under the special light.

This outfit by Jenni Riccetti was praised by the judges but I didn't like it at all. Riccetti did paint the designs at the bottom of the see-through top of whatever this outfit is but I still thought it was ugly.

AND THE WINNER was, for the second time and with one top three, Erin Robertson.

Erin's dress was very pretty, sweet and angelic without the special lights but with beautiful contrast when under the special lights.

Folks, so far Erin Robinson is running away with this thing. She won the first challenge of the unconventional materials, came in the top three of the Just Fab challenge, and now won this day and night challenge.

She's the one to watch.

Join us again and we'll keep giving our fashion advice….ALL FOR FREE!!


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