Worst Cooks in America Celebrity Edition, 2016-episode aired 9/28/16-3 red, 3 blue left

What is possibly the ugliest sausage in the world featured. And some Schnitzel, celebrating Octoberfest on Worst Cooks in America Celebrity edition.

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At the outset, this episode aired on 9/28/16 had four red team members left, mentored by Chef Anne Burrell, and the blue team, mentored by Rachel Ray, had three contenders left.

Since it is an October time of year, the challenge was to create a meal of schnitzel and german potato salad. The Red team won that challenge although I am not sure how that was decided.

The next challenge had the contenders preparing sausage and right there I am rolling my eyes. First, very few home cooks make their own sausage, come on. Even if they do, very few home cooks have all that equipment needed to stuff pork type meat in casing.

At any rate, contender John Henson cooked what has to be the ugliest pan full of sausage ever.

On the other hand, Mike Serrentino-"the situation" cooked some great sausage and, in fact, was pronounced the winner for her team in making home made sausage.

The two lowest contenders were Tommy Davidson on Anne's team and John Henson on Rachel's team. Surprisingly, even though he made ugly sausages, it was Tommy Davidson sent home this week.

And so there is an even six left

Nicole Sullivan Anne's team
John Henson Rachel's team
Mike Sarrentino-"The Situation" Anne's team
Loni Love Rachel's team
Mindy Cohn Rachel's team
Matt Dallas Anne's team


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