Dancing With the Stars Season 23-the Bitch is sent home.

Two contenders in bottom three dance to high scores for the night. The bitch got sent home on Dancing With the Stars Season 23.

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Dancing With the Stars Season 23 Contenders and Partners

bottom three of night-Amber Rose, Ryan Lochte, Terra Jole

bottom three so far Amber Rose, Ryan Lochte, Maureen Mccormick

top three of night Jana kramer, James Hinchcliffe, Laurie Hernandez and Calvin Johnson

top three so far-Laurie Hernandez, James Hinchcliffe, Jana Kramer

Jana Kramer and her partner danced an Argentine Tango on this Latin Night on Dancing With the Stars episode aired 10/17/16. She got a score of 40, perfect, for a dance that featured the duo dancing under a stream of water.

Jana pulled herself up to the top three of the competition so far.

Laurie Hernandez danced a salsa to a score of 37 out of 40. She remains the top in terms of scores so far and with James Hinchcliffe, stands to be part of the top two, probably the winner as I predict.

Video of Hernandez' dance below.

James Hinchcliffe danced a rumba to a score of 38 and he remains second in the scores to date.

Video of Hinchcliffe's dance below.

Ryan Lochte and his partner danced a salsa with one of the low scores of 30 for the night. I don't think Lochte will be on this show much longer.

Maureen McCormick, formerly Marsha of the Brady Bunch, danced a samba to a score of 31 and McCormick too will likely not be around much longer.

Amber Rose was one of the three dancers in danger and I cannot stand that woman. Everything about her shouts she thinks she's better than anyone else and praise the Lord the bitch got sent home. Then she launches into some rant about being shy…give me two breaks. This woman is queen of the world!

Terra Jole danced a Paso Doble and this contender is all over the place. She got one of the lower scores of 30 for her performance. Video of her dance below.

Marilu Henner danced a cha cha to a score of 34. Marilu does have great legs for she who is not so young. Henner is not likely to be in the top 3, maybe the top 5.

Football star Calvin Johnson danced an Argentine Tango and got a right high score of 37. Johnson has improved greatly as a dancer and even though he was in danger this week, this dance and his improvements might bring him into the top 5.

My predicts in the order as of this writing:

1-Laurie Hernandez
2-James Hinchcliffe
3-Calvin Johnson
4-Jana Krama
5-Marilu Henner


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