It's the episode aired 10/14/16 and lots of fighting going on.

The one sent home on this episode of Hell's Kitchen was not even on the losing team! Lots of fighting, lots of cussing, business as usual

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And so, as I complain about every season as regards this competitive reality show, I get bored.

First, the premise, the climax of an episode if one will, is cooking and serving food to a restaurant full of people.

Chef Gordon Ramsay yells at the contenders for over-cooked scallops or raw lamb. Big drama scenes are made of Ramsay summoning the chefs to a long diatribe full of cuss words. If Ramsay is mad enough, he sends the team that so enrages him out of the kitchen.

Things are a bit different early in the show when Ramsay sets up some kind of culinary challenge as is the wont of this sort of show. Only problem is the challenge is usually something a bit sickening, such as this week when the losers of the first challenge had to eat weird stuff like testicles and worms.

This sort of thing gives me no thrill.

As a punishment for losing the first challenge, which had the contenders ascertaining what a protein was by how it looked.

Only thing it was not normal food but instead had such proteins such as squab and weird fish.

The losing team on this challenge must perform some menial work while the winning team gets to do something cool. On this episode the men won while the losing ladies had to make home-made sausage and eat the odd food.

That night, the males were thrown out of the kitchen by Chef Ramsay. Contenders Koop and Aaron were nominated for elimination by Ramsay.

In the only thing different about this episode, Ramsay up and decides to send home female contender Rajeeyah Young-also known as GIA.

Gia has been a pain to her co-contenders since the show began, on a recent episode even faking a cut off finger.

So this was a surprise. Let us hope for my surprises and less cussing.


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