Dancing With the Stars Season 23-episode aired 10/24/16-Dances of the era, dances of the present and future.

We have dances of the era and team dances on this episode of Dancing With the Stars Season 23. No surprise on who went home.

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Let us begin with a video of the team dance for some serious viewing.

It was the dance of the decade, or an era of dance, whatever it was called, the dances, songs and costumes represented an era in the 1900's.

Laurie Hernandez danced a Quickstep to the tune "One Fine Day" representing the 60's and she picked up a score of 34 out of 40.

Ryan Lochte danced a rumba from the 1990's to Aerosmith's "I don't want to miss a thing." He and his partner scored 28 out of 40.

Maureen McCormick performed a tango to Bon Jovi's "You Give Love a Bad Name" from the 1980's and scored 28 out of 40.

Terra Jole danced a Foxtrot from the 1930's to "Dancing Cheek to Cheek" and got 35 points out of 40 possible.

Marilu Henner performed a Charleston from the 1920's to the tune "I used to be so happy". She pulled in 29 points out of 40.

From the 50's we have Calvin Johnson dancing a Jive to "Good Golly Miss Molly" to score a tie for the highest score of 36 points out of 40.

Tied with James Hinchcliff was Johnson. Hinchcliff danced a jitterbug from the 1940's and scored 36 points.

Country singer Jana Kramer danced a samba from the 70's to "Get down tonight" and Kramer pulled in 34 points.

The two lowest scores of the individual dances were tied as were the top two scores between Maureen McCormick and Ryan Lochte at 28 points.

Two teams were formed from the remaining 8 contenders. Team Past consisted of Ryan, Maureen, Calvin and James. Team Present consisted of all female contenders-Jana, Marilu, Terra and Laurie.

Team Past was awarded 38 points with Team Present receiving 35 points.

Some other notes would include Val's snarky words to Len, the judge who has recently returned. This guy Val….he really is an asshole, no? I can't stand him.

The absolute worst dancer of the night was Maureen McCormick and she was sent home, thank goodness.

The team dances consisted of Team Past -Ryan, Maureen, Calvin and James. This team received 38 points.

Team Present consisted of Jana, Terra, Marilu and Laurie. This team received 35 points. Marilu got severely criticized, her pic below.

The two top scores to date I have tied between James Hinchcliffe and Laurie Henderson and, indeed, these two are by far the best dancers. Which one will win is anybody's guess.

The two lowest scores to date I have as Ryan Lochte and Marilu Henner. I think next to go will be Ryan. For giggles and grins, below a pic of Ryan's fiance, Kayla Reid, next to Ryan's partner.

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