The Voice 2016, Season 11 , leading up to the live competition episode aired 10/24/16

Lots of trading back and forth, lots of sending home as the Voice Season 11 continues on to America voting. Who I STILL think is going to win this thing.

THE VOICE -- "Blind Auditions" -- Pictured: (l-r) Adam Levine, Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, Blake Shelton -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)[/caption]

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It's getting wieldy to track but the mentors consisting of Adam Levine, Blake Sheldon, Alicia Keyes and Miley Cyrus (who can't sing and dresses like a jerk) are busy trading Voice singers back and forth and there's an entertainment value here, indeed.

The recent two nights began with two of Blake's people-Sundance Head and Josh Gallagher. Below a video of Sundance's performance.

What's interesting about Sundance is he chose to sing "The Climb", a Miley Cyrus song. What nut would choose a Miley Cyrus song to sing?

Still Head is a good singer and could possibly win this. Competing against Head was Josh Gallagher, who lost by Sundance but was stolen by Adam.

Next we had two of Alicia's singers, duo Whitney and Shannon and Kylie Rothfield. Kylie sang "If I Were a Boy" and Alicia chose her to move on.

The singing duo was sent home and no, they never had a chance to win this thing. Duos are a form of intrigue, not likely winners of The Voice.

Next we had Lauren Diaz and Ali Caldwell, two of Miley's singers. Lauren Diaz sang the song "Rise Up" and I really liked her performance, video below.

Perhaps it's the song I like because Miley, a wonderful singer did I tell you that?....chose Ali and sent Lauren home.

Next we two of Adam's people, David Moison and Simone Gundy. Gundy sang "Midnight train to Georgia" and Adam chose to keep her and sent Moison home.

Next we had Alicia's singers Courtnie Ramirez and We McDonald. We is my very first choice to win this thing so keep eye upon. Alicia did keep We…which is really a stupid name…why did she choose this name or did her stupid parents thrust it upon her? Ramirez was sent home.

Next we had Riley Elmore and Jason Warrior, two of Adam's singers. Jason lost to Riley but was stolen by Blake.

Courtney Harrell and Bindi Libowitz up next, Blake's people. Bindi got sent home with Courtney moving on.

Adam's Billy Gilman and Ponciano Seoane
went up against each other. Ponciano got sent home against Bilman's terrific rendition of "Fight Song".

Alicia's Christian Cuervas went up against Bell Jewel. I don't especially like Cuervas' song choices but I think he's got a good chance to win this. Video below while Bell Jewel got stolen by Miley.

So there's the summary this week. We McDonald with the horrible name I think will win this, Sundance Head has a chance and Cuervas coming along the outside rail.

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