Dancing With the Stars Season 23-Two Eliminations and the First perfect score.

Goodness we have engagements, two eliminations, the first perfect score and an intriguing field going to the finals in this Dancing With the Stars, Season 23 post.

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So it was some sort of Cirque de Soleil night on the Dancing With the Stars Episode, Season 23, aired 10/4/16.

I've never been a fan of Cirque de Soleil, a big French thing that is basically a circus with fancy costumes.

The addition of Cirque de Soleil performers to the dances was quite pretty and added a dimension to the series.


Let us note that there was an engagement recently of two pro dancers, Sasha, who is the male and I don't know who the female is and I ain't burrowing through that absurd ABC web site to find it.

They never give just plain answers on that site, THEY DEMAND THAT YOU WATCH ENTIRE EPISODES!!!!

And they advertise you into a coma. I'm going to take that ABC link down, jerks.

Anyway, to the dancers. Laurie Hernandez, who is definitely going to win this thing, got the first perfect score of this season, dancing Jazz and she looked great.

Ryan Lochte, who is hanging in there by a thread, got jabbered at by Julianne Hough for many minutes. Does that woman ever stop talking? Ryan did a Viennese Waltz to quite low score of 22.

Maureen McCormick, formerly Marsha of the Brady Branch, got into a snit with her partner,
Artem Chigvintsev.
The team danced an Argentine Tango to a score of 24.

Amber Rose, who I personally hope is soon gone cause she's a snit of a snit and a friend of Kanye West, right there I don't like her. Amber danced an Argentine Tango after getting into a snit about her nakedness with Julianne Hough, which she does dress almost naked I might add. Amber and her partner scored 24.

Terra Jole performed a Samba to a score of 25 and is still solidly part of the competition.

Marilu Henner performed a Paso Doble with a very low score of 21, video below.

Calvin Johnson, improving greatly every week and could come in the top three, danced a Charleston to a score of 23. Video of Calvin below.

Kenny Babyface Edmunds, who got sent home, danced a Tango to the Beatles' song "Come Together". Kenny scored the lowest score to date of 18.

Vanilla Ice danced a Viennese Waltz to a score of 23, and Ice got sent home.

James Hinchcliffe, a race car driver-and race car drivers do seem to dance well on this show, is the only contender likely to challenge Laurie Hernandez in any way.

Hinchcliffe danced a Quickstep with his partner Sharna Burgess and he made some bad move. A video is below, see if you can find. Hinchcliffe did score 28 points.

Finally Jana Kramer pulled in 23 points dancing a Foxtrot and barely hung in there for another week.

Top high scores tonight- Laurie Hernandez with 30! James Hinchcliffe with 28,Terra Jole with 25.

Lowest three scores tonight-marilu henner with 21, ryan lochte with 22, Kenny Edmunds-18

highest scores so far-Laurie hernandez-124, James Hinchcliffe-117

Bottom scores so far-ryan lochte-95, amber rose and Vanilla Ice, 97, kenny edmunds-99


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