Worst Cooks in America Celebrity Edition, 2016….Couldn't find anyone to send home?

Well there was no elimination but finally the TV cooks make something that I know all about! This on Worst Cooks in America, Celebrity Edition, 2016.

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So it appears that this show is doing well in the ratings. I say this because when a competitive reality show decides NOT to eliminate a contender, no matter what reason they offer, it's mostly because the show is doing well and they want it to last longer.

On the other end of that equation, if a competitive reality show suddenly has TWO eliminations it often indicates a slowing down of interest. The act of just having multiple eliminations will elicit interest. It will also cull down the shows if advertising sales slots are low.

Dancing With the Stars Season 23 (the year of this writing) just recently eliminated TWO contenders in one night. It would appear that Dancing With the Stars might be ebbing in viewers.

Back to the World's Worst Cook, Celebrity Edition featured on Food Network.

We have Rachel Ray and Anne Burrell mentoring celebrity contenders to have one ascend from World's Worst Cook to….well maybe not world's best cook but maybe World's NOT the Worst Cook, Celebrity edition.

See the page linked at the top of this post for the list of contenders, their backgrounds, and who's been eliminated so far.

This week, during what they call the "skill drill", the mentors had the contenders make a bloody mary.

Well not exactly the cocktail but a food dish based loosely on the concept.

While this is a somewhat interesting part of the show, there are no losers. The show moves on to team competition in preparing dishes as taught and chosen by the mentors.

Rachel Ray had her team preparing a heart and liver stew type of thing. Anne Burrell had her team prepare fish stew, using a real fish head.

Below liver and heart ragout.

Below fish stew.

I must suppose the reason this type of meal was chosen was to teach the contenders how to make odd stuff and so they did.

In fact, everyone did a pretty good job but Burrell's contender, Nicole Sullivan, and Mindy Cohn were chosen as bottom of the contenders.

The final cooking on this show involves the final two to prepare a dish, just by the mentors though they don't know who cooked what. This week they chose to prepare a dish I actually know something about.


Indeed I am known world wide as an expert preparer of deviled eggs.

Neither Nicole or Mindy prepared deviled eggs correctly though the big surprise was that the mentors couldn't choose one of these two to send home.

Well one of them actually managed to "cook" the filling for their eggs and right there is a big FAIL.

Like I said, the show is proving popular and they didn't want to send a contender home, thereby, de factor, extending the series.

Though they can always eliminate two contenders at a later date.

The biggest issue I had for those deviled eggs was that the eggs were already boiled when the contenders began their preparation.

How those eggs are boiled is important to how the final product turns out.

In order to prepare hard-boiled eggs for easy peeling, the eggs CANNOT BE FRESH!

They need to be slightly stale or else peeling them will involve ripping them up and destroying many.

THIS, the mentors did not teach their charges.

At any rate, the contenders are pretty good, nice humor, pleasant personalities.

Tune in next week and we will catch up.


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