Fingers cut off a fake, ostrich eggs and lots of cussing in Hell's Kitchen episode aired 10/7/16.

She faked her finger being cut off, they threw ostrich eggs everywhere and lots of cussing on Hell's Kitchen episode aired 10/7/16.

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Man they really got to stop all that cussing on Hell's Kitchen, dear Lord, does every sentence have to begin with the "F" word?

Yes they bleep out the profanity but the viewers, including children and I remind this show comes on during prime time TV hours, know what's being said.

The female team won the challenge which involved making something out of ostrich. Chef Ramsay treated the women to a private airplane ride with h'ors d'oevres served during the trip.

Then of course it was time for Hell's Kitchen to open and lots of drama, including the horridness of the pan of scallops -pictured below.

I don't know what's wrong with them but Chef Ramsay did put on a drama mama show. I guess they are not cooked evenly and again I must ask, after all these years and with these chefs being professional, why can't they fry up scallops properly?

At one point contender Gia screamed that she cut herself, even saying it was cut "off". Ramsay called a medic then demanded to see it. Only Gia maybe had a scratch but her finger was hardly cut off.

The women's team won the service that night and of course Gia was nominated with her fake wound. Contender Jessica volunteered to be nominated for elimination and she packed her bags when before Ramsay.

Aw come on, she wanted to go home.

And go home she did.

Drama, drama and more drama.

And lots of cussing.

Soon we'll be making guesses of possible winners of this competition but Hell's Kitchen is not a very good presenter of the contenders' strengths and weaknesses.

Except for how often and how loud they cuss.


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