Swimsuits on Project Runway aired 10/6/16

Heidi Klum, God bless, sells clothes but she uses the amateur designers on Project Runway to design and create. This week, the worst did NOT get sent home.

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Perhaps as a coincidence, but Sharktank, that show where rich people invest in inventions by creative people, also featured swim suits designed by Moms, swimsuits that were comfortable and practical.

On Project Runway, however, the swimsuits were, well some were nice. I totally agree with the chosen winner of this challenge, Rik Villa, who designed a gorgeous one-piece with an amazing cover up. Below pics of the winning design.

The loser, and sent home, was Sarah Donofria, for her swimsuit which was, eh, a bit odd. It was a two piece, with the bottom way bigger than it should be and with a design that the judges thought too childish.

Which is another thing…the designers also had to design their own fabric for the swimsuits and Sarah's fabric had women laying on beach towels. It was cute but certainly not suited for the Heidi Klum swimsuit line, which was the prize for the winning swimsuit designer.

Pics of the losing design below.

In the bottom three we also had designer ,Jenni Riccetti, with a lavender swimsuit and man Heidi was mad. Seems Heidi dislikes lavender and despite, designer Jenni created one anyhow. She was in the bottom three, pics of her design below.

Heidi and the judges thought the design was "old lady".

Designer Tasha Henderson created a horrific swimsuit with an old blanket for a cover-up, pictures below.

Goodness this was a hideous swimsuit and by me Tasha should have been sent home.

But then they didn't ask me.

Besides winner Rik Villa, we had Robieri Parra create a nice swimsuit with a design based on parrot feathers. Pic below.

Also in the top three was the design, below, by Alex Snyder, the cover up was totally beloved by all the judges.

I must say at first I was disappointed by the design of swimsuits. I don't wear swimsuits all that much and no matter the design, I always look like a fat old lady.

But this challenge, the fabric design, the creation of the swim suit and the cover up, was interesting and I definitely think the winning design deserved it!


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