Hell's Kitchen Season 16 episode aired 10/21/16 Johnny sent home.

This contender volunteered to be eliminated on Hell's Kitchen Season 16's episode aired 10/21/16. And so he was.

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This episode began with the contenders participating in a seafood challenge and it was interesting. Each contender team -one blue-men, and one red-women, got to pick a fish from an ocean from whence it comes. Some odd fish that I never heard of nor did many of the contenders.

Perhaps in honor of the fish theme, we had some singing pirates to entertain the Hell's Kitchen contenders.

I don't know Johnny McDeVitt except that he's a head chef somewhere in Philadelphia. He had to prepare blue tuna to compete with Heidi and he did a lousy job of it.

Below a pic of Heidi's tuna dish which beat Johnny's.

The blue team-men-won the above challenge and I could swear they sent them to some eatery named Petty Cash.

That night the dinner service in Hell's Kitchen featured Aerosmith music group in the blue kitchen with Estelle in the red kitchen.

The men lost the kitchen challenge and boy was Chef Ramsay mad. And believe it or not, he cussed a little bit too.

The men nominated Devon for failing at the garnish station….how hard can running the garnish station be?

They also nominated Aaron based on what the men termed an over-all poor performance, not just the events of this episode.

Ramsay then asked for the REAL nominee that deserves elimination to come forward and so Johnny McDevitt came forward and his apron was taken by Ramsay.

I don't know what McDevitt did to see raise Ramsay's ire but he can't cook tuna and maybe that's the issue.


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