Project Runway Season 15 brings on the cocktail dresses.

It was way more than a little black dress showing up on Project Runway Season 15's challenge to create a stunning cocktail dress. Only some of them were shocking.

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Contender Overview

There were accusations of copying on this episode of Project Runway and this is mostly because Erin did not win but an entry that was well-received appeared to be from Erin.

Erin is the designer to beat this season 15 of Project Runway though I'd argue Laurence is a real contender to win.

Only for the cocktail dress challenge Erin failed horribly, at least as the judges saw it.

Below is Erin's dress which looked like a costume for the Lion King, so the judges argued.

Below is Jenni Reccitti's entry. I do not like this dress and think it looks costume-y as the accuse of Erin's above dress. But what do I know as this dress was the winning design!

Below is Laurence Basse's entry and as soon as I saw it I loved it. It has a well-tailored shoulder line with a leather outline over a black silk sheathe. The judges really liked this entry from Laurence.

Below is Rik Villa's entry, one of the top three. It's a cute thing designed to resemble a serving wench some might say but the judges loved it.

Below is Nathalia Jmag's entry and it brought in mixed reviews. Nathalia covered fabric with an elaborate cover that was sewn with pearls and other frou-frou. The judges considered this entry as the bottom three but two of the judges liked the design.

Finally, below, is the design by Tasha Henderson and this was the losing design, Tasha was sent home.

As well she should have been because Tasha was a terrible designer, I am just sorry.

So there we have it. There are 11 designers left. I think Laurence Basse is the one to beat with Erin coming into second place.

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