On this episode of Project Runway, aired 10/14/16-they form teams. Fireworks follow.

So the contenders in Project Runway form teams to create collections and still the leader leads, even with an ugly coat.

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Contender Overview

So below is the remaining contenders, grouped by team assigned.

The so-called "House of Bouton" was at first the "House of Buttons" but they changed it to add more class.

Brik Allen House of Bouton
Dexter Simmons House of Bouton
Erin Robertson House of Bouton
Jenni Riccetti House of Bouton
Laurence Basse House of Bouton
Tasha Henderson House of Bouton
Rik Villa Unity group
Alex Snyder Unity group
Cornelius Ortiz Unity group
Mah-Jing Wong unity group
Nathalia Jmag unity group
Roberi Parra unity group

The teams created a "line" of four outfits and some were quite nice.

One was horribly ugly and I really didn't like the outfit that the judges seem to like.

Let's take a look at the losing team, contenders below.

Now let's discuss the losing team's fashion designs.

All the way to the left is a dress that the judges abhorred. While I don't think it was all that bad, it was kind of wrinkled, mushed up and very plain.

The next outfit was deemed boring while the one second from the right was determined to be the ugliest of the evening, with uneven blouse hems and ugly fabric.

The outfit to the far right was sort of liked by the judges but I found it also very boring.

Below the winning team, the House of Bouton.

Below this, the winning outfits of the House of Bouton.

The outfit on the far left had what the judges thought to be a very nice pantsuit for a modern woman.

The dress second on the left was the only outfit on the winning team that the judges did not like. They thought the dress too short and the design rather bland.

The outfit second from the right was greatly liked by the judges, especially the nicely sewn leather jacket.

And finally, the coat to the right of the picture was mostly designed by Erin and goodness the judges do love this woman, no?

Frankly I thought the coat kind of hideous and would never wear such a thing. A big yellow thing with weird designs?

But the judges love Erin and I think she's got an outstanding chance to win this thing.

Dexter won the challenge for leading his team so well while Alex Snyder was sent home for the exact opposite reason, that he led his team so badly.

Come back to check in and see how many more challenges sweet Erin manages to win before she wins the grand prize.


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