Survivor Season 23 finally gets to rewards on the third and fourth episode of this season.

Two contenders booted out and both of the ejections were very, very odd. Survivor Season 23 continues on with two generations at war.


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In the episode aired on 10/5/16 there was arranged some kind of "summit" that had representatives from two teams meeting to….eh, well the met, ate and talked.

The teams consist of Gen-X, the older group, and the Millennials, a younger group.

The Millennials are running away with this thing, to no one's surprise.

Over on Gen-X, Ken, also known as Ken Doll, lobbies to bring down Paul. But during the elimination contest, Cece manages to lost the contest for Gen-X. But instead of voting HER off, which had been the plan, the Gen-x-ers send the oldest, Paul, packing.

I don't know why they did that except there were grumblings that Paul wasn't doing his share around the camp fire.

We move on to the episode aired 10/10/16 and again the Millennials won both the reward and immunity challenges.

Gen-X not doing so well.

So the Millennials feast on steak and sausage while the elder Gen-X-ers suffer and smolder.

Come the elimination tribal council and a most amazing surprise, which makes no sense.

Contender David found an idol and has been holding on to it for a while. Most of the group wanted to vote out Jessica as they felt she was not to be trusted.

At tribal council, everyone votes. Then Jeff calls out for an immunity idol and David steps forward.


He uses the immunity idol on Jessica and it's a good thing. The majority of the votes were to evict Jessica but there was one for Cece and TWO for Lucy.

So Lucy got sent home.

I still don't know why David did this but come back next week, we will figure it out.


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