The Voice 2016, Season 11 up to the first two battle rounds.

So there were two "steals" and a bunch sent home on The Voice, Season 11 on the first two battle rounds. Already we have a winner.

THE VOICE -- "Blind Auditions" -- Pictured: (l-r) Adam Levine, Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, Blake Shelton -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)[/caption]

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Over view of all CONTENDERS HERE

So I say We McDonald is the winner in this thing. We-an odd name that-chose Alicia as her coach and in the last battle round she went up against Lauren Diaz. Alicia chose We-of course, and Miley stole Lauren Diaz. Some kind of Janis Joplin song, both sang terrific, video below.

I am not liking the songs being chosen by these coaches, they are often loud and crass. I understand that this is the sort of competition with contenders singing against each other….I get that.

Another contender that I like is Riley Elmore, video below.

Below is the current active list of singers.

Riley Elmore Adam
Billy Gilman Adam
Brendan Fletcher Adam
Bindi Lebowitz Adam
Simone Gundy Adam
Nolan Neal Adam
Johnny Rez Adam
Ponciano Seoane Adam
Jason Warrior Alicia
Dave Moisan Alicia
Christian Cuevas Alicia
We McDonald Alicia
Josh Halverson Alicia
Michael Sanchez Alicia
Halle Tomlinson Alicia
Gabriel Violett Alicia
Belle Jewel Alicia
Whitney and Shannon Alicia
Kylie Rothfield Alicia
Courtnie RamirezMiley Alicia
Sundance Head Blake
Dana Harper Blake
Gabe Broussard Blake
Christian Fermin Blake
Austin Allsup Blake
Josh Galligher Blake
Preston James Blake
Tarra Layne Blake
Courtney Harrell Blake
Blaine Long Blake
Lauren Diaz Alicia Miley
Sa'Rayah Miley
Sophia Urista Miley
Karlee Metzger Miley
Darby Walker Miley
Aaron Gibson Miley
Maye Thomas Miley
Josette Diaz Miley
Ali Caldwell Miley

Below the contenders sent home to date.
Andrew DeMuro Adam
Elia Esparza Adam
Natasha Bure Adam
Dan Shafer Blake
Ethan Tucker Blake
Lane Mack Miley
Khaliya Kimberlie Miley
Charity Bowden Miley


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