Survivor Season 23 the two tribes now form THREE tribes

It was the Millennials versus Gen-x on Survivor season 23 now running. This week it was divided into THREE tribes and the results are quite interesting.


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So it was changed from two tribes to three on the Survivor episode aired 10/19/16 and this should be interesting.

The three tribes consist of:

Takali-Jessica, Ken, Taylor, Adam and Figgy….purple.

Vanlia-Cece, Chris, Zeke, Michelle and David

Ikabula-Michelle, Hannah, Justin, Will, Sunday and Brett-green

Pics of the new teams below.

The Ikabula tribe has one extra member but they are assigned to a new and empty beach and must start all over.

For the immunity challenge this week, the Ikabula team won with Takali coming in second. The Vanlia tribe lost and contender CECE was sent home.

On other notes, David has or knows where an immunity idol is and there is a showmance brewing involving Figgy.

We shall see where this turn of events takes us.


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