Worst Cooks in America Celebrity Edition, 2016 four left with the Situation running ahead.

Got four left on Worst Cooks in America Celebrity Edition 2016 and "the situation" seems to be winning.

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The challenges this past week on Food Network's "Worst Cooks in America Celebrity edition 2016" were odd.

The first challenge, the result of which I do not know much less what the challenge was all about.

Some sort of fish dish was placed in front of the two teams and they were supposed to describe the ingredients to mentors Anne Burrell and Rachel Ray. The fish was tilapia with green tomatoes and other vegies and for the most part the teams got the ingredients close to correct. The blue team, Ray's team, won, as they correctly identified the most ingredients.

The next challenge had the contenders preparing an Indian dish complete with spices no one ever heard of much less the Worst Cooks in America and curry, a spice I cannot stand, I just cannot stand.

Of course I am nobody as there are plenty of Indians who quite love curry, mango and unpronounceable spices so pay no attention to me.

The Situation won on Anne's team, pic of his dish below.

John Henson lost on the blue team-Ray's, pic of his dish below.

The two losers then had to compete in a final culinary challenge that involved kebobs of some kind. Matt lost on Anne's team and ultimately Matt ended up going home.

John Henson seems to be quite a challenger to "The Situation" Mike Sarrentino and I predict one of these will win this thing.

We are told that the next episode will have TWO contenders eliminated, leaving two for the finale.

Finalists as of this writing below.
Nicole Sullivan
John Henson
Mike Sarrentino-"The Situation"
Loni Love


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