Dancing With the Stars Season 23-Halloween Dancing to Enchant

It was his time to go but he did well. It was a Halloween dance fest on this episode of Dancing With the Stars Season 23

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Well we've got the top five on this season of Dancing With the Stars Season 23 and it was Halloween.

The costumes were great, the dancing superb.

There were three perfect scores tonight and we've got video of all of them,.

Laurie Hernandez continues to impress with her dancing skill but let us remember she is very young and a champion gymnast. At any rate, Laurie danced a gorgeous Viennese Waltz to a sweet Disney tune and she got a perfect score.

Terra Jole danced a cha-cha to that old Belafonte tune "Day-O". Terra's turned out to be a very good dancer despite being a dwarf of some kind. Sadly Terra was one of the two bottom dancers, this was after the dance challenge that had two dancers competing against each other.

Marilu Henner, who seems to be hanging in there based mostly on her beautiful legs because her dancing is mediocre. She and her partner performed an Argentine Tango to the tune "Sweet Dreams are Made of This" Marilu scored 23 points out of 30, one point LESS than Terra Jole.

Calvin Johnson too got a perfect score and my how this fellow has improved with his dance skills.Johnson danced a Quickstep with his partner, video below.

James Hinchcliffe danced a Vienesse Waltz with his partner to the tune of "You Don't Own Me" and he is the final perfect score, video below.

Jana Kramer danced a Jazz to the tune of "The Little Shop of Horrors", a tune I suppose to keep with the Halloween theme. Jana got 27 points out of 30 for her performance.

The dancers then chose a dance and a dueling team who then competed to be voted upon by the American public in real time. The winning team each got a reward of 3 points. Hinchcliffe and his partner were declared immune and they got a five point bonus for having the highest score to date with accumulated scores.

Ryan Lochte was sent home and it was time.

Now we have the top five and come back as we hone down to the winner.


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