Designing an "urban jungle" outfit for the city in this Project Runway episode aired 10/27/16.

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On this episode they took all the designers on a trip to Universal in Florida. Based on their experience, the designers were expected to design an "urban jungle" sort of outfit for a chic chick to wear in the city.

Many of them did quite well.

Let us review those who didn't come in the top or the bottom.

Jenni Reccetti, who won last time and could not be eliminated, created what I consider an okay outfit. By the way, after this episode, there will be no more immunity.

Rik Villa designed an outfit that looked like a goth Halloween outfit that I did not like but he passed through.

Mah-Jong Wong designed what seemed like more of a dress than any kind of casual urban jungle thing. But it was pretty and this designer will be around another week.

Robert Parra designed an outfit that looked like a pair of pajamas to me but the judges passed him through.

Erin Robinson was once the darling of this season, creating glorious white coats and everything she designed had some kind of embroidery on it. Only this week Erin came up with a pair of shorts with a mediocre top. The embroidery on those shorts looked like fried hash browns with no class. Erin came in the bottom three with her design below.

Cornelius Ortez came up with some horrific patchwork jean design, below, and he was in the bottom three.

When Brik Allen sent out his design, at first I liked it. It had a pair of pants with a zebra-stripe type design only the stripes were curved. The top, pic below, was considered to be clashed with the pants and Brik got sent home. Brik has been sending out questionable designs right along and was time for him to go.

Nathalia Jmag designed some outfit with a big wooly top. I did not like it, pic below with Nathalia holding the top.

And the winner of this episode and who I think will likely win this series, is Laurence Basse. The judges loved her design, below, with its dropped-crotch pant and excellent leather top.

Stay tuned as this winds down. This Laurence Basse seems to always turn out great work.


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