Dancing With the Stars Season 23-We've Got the Top Five

Finally down to the top five on Dancing With the Stars season 23 and we have some guesses on their final order.

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Dancing With the Stars Season 23 Contenders and Partners

The final five include:
Laurie Hernandez-Olympic gymnast
Terra Jole-actress, little person
Calvin Johnson-football player
James Hinchcliffe-race car driver
Jana Kramer-country/western singer

Later on we'll put them in our predictive order of finish. For now let's review the show aired 11/7/16.

It was a night of show tunes so we had Laurie Hernandez dance a tango to a perfect score. This sweetie racks up perfect scores on a regular basis it seems.

Terra Jole-video below, did a Charleston to an old fashioned show tune and got a score of 38.

Marilu Henner danced a Samba to the Jersey Boys and got a score of 36. Marilu Henner got sent home. Video of her last dance below.

Calvin Johnson danced a waltz to the song "Memory" in the show tune "Cats". Calvin got a score of 37 though I thought the dance was beautiful and fluid.

But then I'm not a judge on Dancing With the Stars.

James Hinchcliffe danced a Jazz to a Wizard of Oz tune. James scored a 36 due to a big flub in the middle of the dance.

Jana Kramer danced a waltz with a score of 37.

Three teams of two dancers were formed. This is because while the number of contenders decreases as they are sent home, they need something else to fill the time.

James and Calvin danced a Paso Doble with their partners and the judges awarded them 37 points.

Marilu and Terra danced a Jazz dance and scored 36 points.

Janna and Laurie danced a gorgeous contemporary and scored a perfect 40.

Below, the order I predict the dancers will end up in.

#5-Jana Kramer
#4-Terra Jole
#3-Calvin Johnson
#2-James Hinchcliffe
AND NUMBER ONE, NO DOUBT- Laurie Hernandez!

Come back next week and we will watch the predictions.

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