Everyone thrown out of Hell's Kitchen on this episode aired 11/4/16.

Chef Ramsay cusses and throws everyone out of Hell's Kitchen in this very boring episode of Hell's Kitchen Season 16.

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Contender Overview for this season Hell's Kitchen

The beginning challenge involved ingredients chosen by their first letter and it was Family Night in Hell's Kitchen.

I am always shocked that these cooks, all professional chefs of some kind, are always under-cooking stuff.

While the contenders on Food Network's "Worst Cook in America" are expected to make home-made pasta and top grits with caviar, despite being…well, the worst cooks in America.

Below they even messed up a simple grilled cheese!

Below, the raw egg.


So the men won the beginning challenge and the losing female team had to do something with crayons.

On to that night's Hell's Kitchen service and somehow they undercooked a hamburger, sea bass and a freaking egg for God's sake.

Chef Ramsay pronounced both teams eliminated, odd, and after much discussion and debate, sent Aziza home.

I don't know why because I don't think Aziza under-cooked anything.


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