In this episode of Hell's Kitchen Season 16 we switch up some girls and boys.

It's the same old issues with raw food and exotic rice. Chef Ramsay tries something new and different.

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Contender Overview for this season Hell's Kitchen

Below is the list of remaining contenders for this season 16 of Hell's Kitchen.

Except there's been a few changes.

Shaina Hayden
Wendy Mendez
Heidi Parent
Kimberly Roth
Kimberly Ann Ryan
Heather Williams
Paulie Giganti
Matt Hearn
Andrew Pearce
Devon Simpson
Aaron Smock
Koop Wynkoop

First a little gossip. It would seem that Andrew, who is due to be married in a few weeks, is having a shomance with contender Heather.

The red team, up until this show all females, won the taste challenge and all got to go horseback riding.

In Hell's Kitchen that night were a couple of celebrities seated right in the kitchen which is how it is done from time to time. One celebrity was the member of the cast of LA Housewives. The other was a shooting guard for the Los Angeles clippers.

The saga of Hell's Kitchen on this episode was very typical. The risotto either came out perfect or gummy and Chef Ramsay cussed.

There is always some food cooked raw and this week it was chicken. Lord even I can make chicken so it's properly cooked.

The red team lost the battle in Hell's Kitchen, as much because contender Shaina couldn't cook a chicken properly as anything.

The all girls team nominated both Shaina and Wendy for elimination. Chef Ramsay let them duke it out during the elimination meeting then told BOTH of the female nominees to remove their jackets.

THEN Ramsay did something odd. She ordered BOTH of these red team nominees to grab a blue jacket and join the blue team.

THEN he had Andrew and Matt to move to the red team.

SO…..both teams have two members of the sex not of the majority on the rest of their team.

And, heh, Andrew and Heather are now on the same team.

This should get interested.


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