Project Runway Season 15-Bring on the Moms.

The designers come up with outfits for their Moms. Some are great in this episode of Project Runway Season 15 while some are awful. What were they thinking?

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It was a good episode of Project Runway Season 15 this past show airing 11/10/16.

The designers' mothers came into the workroom and the challenge was to design a happening, cool and attractive outfit for the older women for where they are currently at in their life.

Dexter Simmons, Laurence Basse and Cornelius Ortiz were declared safe with their designs.

Now let's discuss the bottom three.

The loser was Jenni Riccetti and she was sent home for her design, below.

The judges deemed the entire outfit too shabby, lacking coherence and those pants are just plain ugly.

Also at the bottom was, of all people, Erin Robertson. Now Erin won a couple of challenges at the beginning but this is the second time she's been at the bottom. This outfit she designed for her Mom included a coat, which Erin loves to make, and what I thought was pretty dress worn under the huge and bulky coat.

The judges did not like the outfit, not even the dress which, again, I thought quite pretty. Erin was allowed to live another day so maybe they liked it a little bit.

Finally Nathalia Jmag also designed a big and bulky coat for her Mom and underneath she had Mom wearing huge pants and a sloppy top, picture below.

Moving on to the top three, we begin with Roberi Parra and his design for what I believe to be a friend of his, NOT his Mom.

The judges loved this outfit but I did like it at all. Still it went into the top three so never mind my esthetic.

Mah-Jong Wong designed a real power outfit for his Mom, pictured below, and it didn't hurt that she did such a great job of walking that runway.

The winner was Rik Villa, his design below.

It is a pretty design and the judges did love it. I thought it was a bit boring but it won the prize and the outfit really was nice.

So it goes on, with 8 contenders left. Look for another team effort soon then come back here for critiques, updates and gossip.


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