Worst Cooks in America Celebrity Edition, 2016-THE WINNAH!

She's funny, strong, determined and now….SHE CAN COOK. Food Network's "Worst Cook in America" has a winner!

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Had some out of town company and got busy. But not to panic, I did watch the last episode of "Worst Cook in America, Celebrity Edition" on Food network.

There were two contenders left, Nicole Sullivan of MadTV and Loni Love, host of talk show The Real.

Nicole's charity was for an organization that cares for cats of all kinds while Loni was cooking for the American Red Cross.

The charge of the two finalists was to prepare a four course meal for a panel of culinary experts. They would not know the identity of who cooked what as they judged.

Below Nicole's courses. I do know that Nicole included morel sauce in one entrée and that's pretty impressive for a home cook.

Loni included a perfectly fried egg on one entrée which the judges loved. Below, Loni's dishes.

And so it was that Loni Love won the title of the Worst Cook in America Celebrity Edition 2016.

Now we assume she is the BEST cook in America.


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