Survivor Season 23-Star player voted out and why-episode aired 11/2/16

She was the most beloved in her tribe, she helped her team several challenges, like a cannon out of the air the tribe sent her home on this episode of Survivor Season 23.


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Below is the list of the Survivor contenders remaining as of this writing 11/4/16 for Survivor 23.

Zeke Smith
Will Wahl
Sunday Burquest
Adam Klein
Bret Labelle
Chris Hammons
David Wright
Hannah Shapiro
Jessica Lewis
Justin Starrett-JAY
Ken McNickle
Michelle Schubert
Taylor Lee Stocker

If you noticed Michaela Bradshaw's name is missing, this is because her stupid tribe sent her home.

She was major in helping her team win a reward challenge, she is a leader in her tribe, all her co-tribe members seemed to like her.

In these competitive reality shows the contenders do get rid of the better players but usually not so soon in a season like this. Usually a Michaela is kept around until the very last minute so she can help the other members of the tribe.

But to quick such a good player out such as Michaela, wow, that's just odd.

At any rate, contender David has an immunity idol and he shared this secret with Zeke. This tidbit is bound to lead to something major real soon.

So come back and see how it goes because Survivor season


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