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Dennis Came, Said Hi, Then Left

Now we must look out for Emily.

Gracious Former First Lady Says Dubya is Alfred E. Newman
Even if, heaven forbid, a Democrat should win the next election, can anyone imagine Laura Bush being so uncouth?

Okay, so Hillary’s a Senator and Laura’s not. Even if Laura was a Senator, she’d never say anything so ugly and ungracious.

Hillary’s ungraciousness documented HERE
Scotland Yard on the Trail of the London Terrorists
Rumor has it that it’s possible those fine young men killed when their bombs exploded on the London “tube” were not really suicide bombers.

Seems they might have been double-crossed.

Oops, the mighty BBC doesn’t want to call them terrorists.

And France accuses England of cheating to get the 2012 Olympics.

Time Magazine’s Matt Cooper, whose wife is chief political adviser to Hillary Clinton not that any of the political pundits mention this or anything, orchestrates a great drama of our era.

All of the above HERE
Beat Up Karl Rove Begins in Ernest
The Old Media and pundits began their assault on Karl Rove. Whose crime was saying “I heard that” to a reporter. Folks, they even wasted taxpayer money on some silly vote to remove Rove’s security clearance over this non-story.

And Joseph Duncan, cold-blooded murderer of the Groene family and abductor of Shasta and Dylan Groene, seems to have some strange financial help from fine and upstanding citizens.

An American soldier is blown to bits while distributing candy to Iraqi children. While our Senators are so busy going after Karl Rove to even notice.

All of the above HERE
More Rove, More Viciousness
All of the Valerie Plame/Joe Wilson nonsense and lies documented in this past Friday’s Daily Update.

It’s the Political Cartoon of the Week
In honor of Dennis and now Emily.

Prior Weeks Just Passed HERE

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Dennis Rader’s House Sold

Evidently there was some plan to sell the house piece by piece on Ebay due to the notoriety of the owner.

Probably no monies will be realized by either Rader or his wife and family. First there’s the lawyers. And several wrongful death lawsuits have already been filed.
From CJ Online
PARK CITY -- The modest suburban house where Dennis Rader quietly raised his family while terrorizing Wichita as the BTK serial killer sold Monday for $90,000 at auction, far above its assessed value.

Buyer Michelle Boren, who identified herself as a real estate investor, said she only hoped that all the proceeds would go to Rader's wife and two grown children.

"I am pleased. We are pleased every time we sell a house," said Lonny McCurdy, owner of McCurdy Auction Service.

The final bid was accepted by the sellers, said Lonny McCurdy, owner of McCurdy Auction Service.

"They said it was satisfactory," McCurdy said.
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The bidding, which started at $40,000, was over in about 15 minutes.

Byron Jones, an Andover resident who offered $60,000 before dropping out
of the bidding, said he would have sold the house "inch by inch" on the Internet. Media attention probably doubled the price of the property, he said.

"This guy is famous for what he has done," Jones said.

"I guarantee his house will bring many thousands of dollars -- selling it piece by piece," Jones said.

Joseph Duncan Stalked Groene Family Using Night Goggles
COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho Jul 12, 2005 - A convicted sex offender charged with kidnapping and murder spent days stalking the home where three people were bludgeoned to death and two young children were abducted, according to court documents.

Joseph Edward Duncan III had spotted 8-year-old Shasta Groene playing in a bathing suit with her 9-year-old brother, Dylan, the documents say.

"(Duncan) told her he watched her two or three days, and at night would peer inside the home," Detective Brad Maskell told the judge, according to records from a closed-door probable cause hearing Tuesday. The records say he used night-vision goggles to learn the home's layout before bursting in.

Duncan, 42, was charged with first-degree murder and first-degree kidnapping
in the bludgeoning deaths of the children's mother, Brenda Groene, her 13-year-old son Slade and her boyfriend Mark McKenzie.

If convicted, he could face the death penalty.

Who Are These Men Giving Duncan Money?
We can understand one misguided liberal helping out poor Joseph E. Duncan III. Who stalked the Groene family, broke into their home, killed Brenda Groene, her boyfriend Mark McKenzie, and 13-year old Slade.

Then the lovely Duncan absconded with Shasta and Dylan, later killing Dylan. Rumor is he buried Dylan alive.

But TWO prominent businessman, one a Pediatrician, giving Duncan all sorts of money?

The esteemed Physician, Dr. Wacksman, not only lent Duncan money, he even offered to let the gentlemen stay in his home with his two children.

The other Duncan contributor is a Fargo businessman.

Wacksman met Duncan in a San Francisco coffee house. Crary, the Fargo entrepreneur, met Duncan on a bike trail.

Hey Greta, it’s time to get the hell out of Aruba and see why these guys are lending thousands of dollars to Joseph Duncan, an already convicted pervert and evidently a really nice guy judging by the monetary help so readily given to him.

Businessman helped Duncan
By Dave Forster,
The Fargo Forum
Published Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A well-known Fargo businessman wrote Joseph Duncan a $15,000 personal check to cover his April bail for two Minnesota child molestation charges, police said Monday.

Joe Crary, 51, wrote the check to Duncan on April 5, the same day a Becker County judge set his bail at that amount, said Detroit Lakes Police Investigator Chad Jutz.

Duncan, a registered Level III sex offender who moved to Fargo from a Washington state prison in 2000, was in court that day on charges he molested a boy and tried to touch another in July 2004 on a Detroit Lakes playground. A couple of weeks after posting bail, Duncan went missing.

He's now charged with kidnapping siblings Shasta Groene, 8, and Dylan Groene, 9, and is suspected of murdering their family in rural Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Dylan Groene was found slain last week in a western Montana forest.

Idaho prosecutors said Monday they would charge Duncan with first-degree murder in at least three of the deaths.

Crary, a former executive member of the Fargo-Cass County Economic Development Corp., explained his connection to Duncan in a statement he faxed Monday night to The Forum.

"We both enjoyed biking on the bike trails in Fargo and we became acquaintances," Crary wrote. "In my contact with him, I saw him like many others apparently did - he was polite, soft spoken, and seemed sincere in turning his life around."

Duncan was also having financial problems, Crary wrote.

"I was trying to help him get things straightened out, just like I have tried to help many others over the years."

Duncan mentions a "Joe" in a Jan. 30 post to his Web journal, Blogging the Fifth Nail:

"My friend Joe has agreed to take me by the hand financially and show me how to spend my money constructively. Now that is a good friend!

I've been out of prison for almost five years now and I'm still living from paycheck to paycheck."

Crary's faxed statement was responding to interview requests from the newspaper. He said he would make no other statement on the matter.

...Crary is the second professional with ties to Fargo who is known to
have helped Duncan in Becker County.

Dr. Richard Wacksman, a pediatrician who once lived in Fargo and worked at MeritCare Hospital, told police he gave $6,500 to Duncan before his first court hearing to help with attorney fees.

In 1997, Wacksman asked a prison board in Washington to allow Duncan to be released to live at Wacksman's home in Harwood, N.D., just north of Fargo. The board members, who were considering whether to send Duncan back to prison for parole violations, rejected the proposal, saying they wouldn't "expose his children to that kind of risk," prison records show.

Another Missing American Tourist?

Ship personnel report blood found in Smith’s cabin. His wife, married to Smith just days earlier, didn’t notice her newlywed husband was even missing.

You can’t make this stuff up folks.

No Clues in Conn. Newlywed's Disappearance

Associated Press Writer

July 14, 2005, 3:13 PM EDT

GREENWICH, Conn. -- George Smith IV embarked on an idyllic honeymoon cruise of the Mediterranean last month with plans to start a family and someday take over his family's business in this wealthy New York suburb. But on July 5, the 26-year-old Smith vanished as the ship sailed between Greece and Turkey.

Divers and helicopters have turned up no sign of Smith, and a four-day search was suspended Saturday -- just days after he and Jennifer Hagel were married at a waterfront resort in Rhode Island with nearly 150 guests in attendance.

More True Crime Updates HERE

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No. It’s not a site filled with naked people much less stupid ones. Although by snooping around one can find some boobs.

It is a hilarious compilation of stupid things people say and do.

Below, a pic copied from this site.

Stupid Naked People HERE

More Web Notables HERE

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