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Daily Update:
Maryland Governor Michael Steele Under Attack by Democrats

Rita...might be closer to New Orleans than we think.
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Something about Lying to Your Mother.
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Some lawsuits and Palestinians make a record?


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Why Is NY Chuck Schumer Going After Maryland's Lt. Governor?

Michael Steel, Lt. Governor in mine own home state of Merryland, gave a prime time address at this past Republican National Convention.

He is black.

He is conservative.

The ultra-dishonest Merryland Senator Paul Sarbanes is leaving the position.

Michael Steele is considered a prime contender for the seat.

He is Republican.

A Republican Senator from the liberal stronghold of Merryland?

Thus even though Schumer the hypocrite was sponsor of legislation that would have ordinary taxpayers paying heavy fines for theft of identity and credit invasion of privacy, his own staff in his position as the Democratic Senator Campaign Committee is given a paid vacation for stealing Steele's SS# and illegally obtaining his credit report.

Any one of us would be outraged at such a violation of privacy.

It's the kind of dirty politics the Dems play. No one should be surprised.

Because the liberals are losing ground all across the nation.

To lose the state of Merryland's senatorial seat to the whimsy of Merryland voters, well, can't have that.

From Md's WBAL:
Lt. Gov. Steele was extremely disturbed to learn about the alleged criminal identity theft of his personal finance records by (a staff member of U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y.,) at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

In July, committee research director Katie Barge and Lauren Weiner, a junior staffer, used Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele's Social Security number to get his credit report, according to a Democratic official familiar with the case.

Rita, Rita, Rita

It's due to hit tonight yon ladies and gems. And she's due to hit hard.

Already there's been problems with evacuating both Galveston AND Houston.

In that Texas roads were not quite ready for the outflux.

The largest oil producing city in America, which would be Houston, has run out of gasoline.

This as thousands of cars line the highways, byways and interstates in an attempt to evacuate the hurricane-targeted cities.

The automobiles sit still or move slowly up the interstate corridors and they do, what with fifteen hours required to travel twenty miles, run out of gas.

Every so often I hear a Texas official mouth across the cable air waves that the Texas evacuation routes will soon be turned into all one-way traffic. Thereby utilizing up to four nearly empty lanes on the OTHER side of the Interstates.

It's not happening.

Scuttlebutt has it that this county is fighting with that county.


It's downright dangerous to try and get gas along these routes.

The other fear, whispered only at this point, is that Rita might hit New Orleans, either as a glancing blow or perhaps head on.

Way I figure, if Rita hones in on New Orleans, and as of this writing NO IS under a tropical storm warning, and manages to destroy that which Katrina left standing, then God is trying to tell us something.

Stay tuned this weekend for Rita updates.

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Tune in all Weekend for Updates on Rita



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