Special Pre-Rita Landfall Update

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First Tragic Casualties of Hurricane Rita

Already the Lamestream media is questioning the wisdom of evacuating Galveston and Houston.

Because it was a bus leaving a nursing home that suddenly exploded, killing 24 evacuating souls. It is alleged that oxygen tanks had something to do with it.

"What are they doing with oxygen tanks on buses?" husband asks in shock.

I must think. Are oxygen tanks not allowed on buses? Seems I go many places where folks walk around or are in wheel chairs, carrying oxygen tanks along with them. My mind struggles to remember where but I recall seeing people with oxygen tanks in banks, at amusement parks, in elevators.

I don't know if oxygen tanks are allowed on buses but I don't know of any ordinance against them. Surely people ride in cars with them.

As for the evacuations, well it's been difficult.

Because, hey, even America's marvelous interstate system is simply not meant to carry millions of people, ALL AT ONE TIME.

Our homes, businesses and cities are designed for ease of ordinary life. They are NOT designed for hurricanes and mass evacuations.

Perhaps this should be given some thought and consideration but hey, we get it out here in la-la land.

Yet the Lamestream press, well they have to be the Greek chorus.

"evacuate here, evacuate there, don't evacuate here, don't evacuate there, why are you going there, Mr. President, why didn't you go there, Mr. President, yada, yada, yada,yada,yada."

At any rate, as of this writing Rita has yet to hit.

Even the preparation for the storm, havoc has reared its ugly head.

Including the re-flooding of New Orleans.
A passenger bus carrying evacuees from the Houston area exploded into flames near Dallas and there are as many as 20 deaths and 25 injuries.

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The bus was carrying elderly evacuees from Bellaire, according to the Dallas Fire Department.

"There were 45 souls on the bus ... at this point we believe we have about half accounted for," Dallas County Sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Don Peritz. He said early indications were that a mechanical problem caused the blaze and that passengers' oxygen tanks caught fire.

AND...once again the locals failed. Seems some airport transportation personnel didn't show up to work.

Remember when the Democrats insisted that all the security employees at airports be FEDERAL employees, thus part of the public employees' unions who vote mostly Democrat?

Ahem. Many of the dedicated union employees didn't show up for work. The Feds had to fly in TSA employees from other states.

Yet this afternoon, on Wolf Blitzer's CNN show, that curmudgeon Cafferty fellow- damn this is a man whose mouth shoots off before his brain even knows he's awake-was all smirky about the failure of the TSA employees failure to show up. Wolf made some comment about the necessity of flying in extra TSA employees.


Cafferty the vomit mouth idiot then said, snottily, "expect the government to do their job?"

The government had already done that job, Cafferty, and even this humble Grandma Blogger knew it.


"White, a Democrat, blamed the 'failure to show up at work by (110) essential personnel of the federal TSA.'"

Rita and New Orleans
Early yesterday morning, before my amazed and shocked eyes, New Orleans flooded ALL OVER AGAIN.!

Even as of this writing it's unclear what the hell's going on with their levees.

I did hear, early in the morn, that there was some "seepage" from the breaches in the levees caused by Katrina. Before my disbelieving eyes, this "seepage" gushed into New Orleans like a raging waterfall.

If this is seepage, what is a flood?

Still the army corp of engineers assert that the water is merely an "overtopping" of the levee walls and was expected.

Regardless of it all, yon ladies and gems, the 9th ward was under over three feet of water.

Yes, the 9th ward was not populated no thanks to Mayor Naginhead who invited everyone to "come on back, now, ya heah?"

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Stay tuned for any hurricane posts after Rita makes landfall.

And pray.


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