Daily Update 9/27/05


Post Rita Landfall coverage today.

Turns out the major damage came to, guess?


Turns out that New Orleans is flooded again.

It was a busy, busy Week Just Passed.

North Korea lied. The President of Jefferson Parish Louisiana lied. AGAIN!

Jets landed awkwardly and there's a problem there.

And lots of Hurricane activity...the one that came and the one coming.
It's a Notable/Quotable and there's some senatoral nonsense.

Such as shark NY lawyer so offended by a word meaning "friend" and a Delaware Senator misquoting baseball.
In this Web Site of the Week you'll find a veritable Carnival of Recipes.

Colorful and creative, cooks should pay it a visit.

Daily Update Below.

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All the predictions had Rita heading smack dab towards Houston and Galveston.

In the end she hit along the Louisiana and Texas state line. Giving a whole bunch of small Texas towns some grief but guess what? Devastating southern Louisiana.

St. Charles Louisiana, a semi-rural area around Lake Charles, was flattened in that matter of Biloxi, Miss. Other southern Louisiana agricultural areas took a beating as well.

What Rita DIDN't do was harm the oil refinery infrastructure as badly as originally thought.

As one pundit put it, Rita roared through ghost towns. She knocked down buildings and other items in her path. Because of massive evacuations, as of this writing two deaths have so far been attributed to Rita, one from .

This will likely change as there are reports of missing people, etc.

With no great praise or even coverage from the Lamestream press, FEMA's acting Director gave a press conference announcing that the Feds were already on site and various agencies have rescued over 400 people.

Using that word "rescue" softly, in that most of the people were not close to dying or lying parched on their rooftops. These are mostly folks who didn't evacuate and found themselves stranded in flood waters.

Still I'd bet some bucks that way more coverage was given to those lines of cars trying to get out of Texas than to this quick and efficient reaction by the locals, state and Feds.

Indeed that massive evacuation was prudent. There would have been far more deaths due to Rita had the evacuations not occurred. Sure, those million plus evacuations from Houston was unexpected but with almost five days worth of warning, why not the simple precaution of getting out of the way?

Image hosted by

When Bureaucrats Get Creative
The most notable result coming from hurricane Rita was the amazing sight of bureaucrats getting creative.

Indeed all across the lower Bayou and lone star state, local officials had a "command center" all scoped out. A makeshift jail was fashioned from a room at the Holiday Inn. The police were holed up in some strong building or another all across the hurricane threatened areas.

There were no hysterical mayors upon our TV's begging for Greyhound buses from across the land while the city's own school buses lay unused and under feet of water. There were no governors boo-hooing and proclaiming days of prayer, this while denying Red Cross access and requiring 24 hours thought before any decision.

There were looters as I understand but most of them ended up in that "jail" at the Holiday Inn.

Oh, and hey...that Governor Rick Perry is absolutely the handsomest man in the entire universe.

Okay, that handsome bit shouldn't matter but go with me on this...he did much more to inspire confidence and control than Blanco ever did.



It's a Katrina for Kaitlyn post which should be re-named a Katrina/Rita for Kaitlyn post.

For there's still political maneuvering over it all. Now the Rita aftermath becomes mixed in the mish-mash.

Lots of info on the thieves who stole from the helpless during the New Orleans fiasco.

ELECTED thieves.
It's a True Crime post and yes even with the hurricanes, folks are still committing crimes.

There's a missing VA student Taylor Behl. There's murder by automobile in Las Vegas.

And Amber Frey's paternity woes.

Lots of comments on the Pledge of allegiance issue and the ruling by the moonbat California judge.

Also, Katrina, TV reviews, Nagin....lots of commentary from readers.

TV Events of Note
ABC: Monday, September 26 9:00 PM
Sports event, Football

Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos


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